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Right-click-chat-kick: Sometimes, users have something pre-typed and osrs fire cape service then join a chat, press enter then leave straight away, too quick to kick from your clan list. But if you right-click on the chat box message, you'd have the option to block 1-hour. Decision: The clan chat system is sufficient but with these upgrades and others' thoughts as well, the clan chat system would be way more sophisticated.

Though it sounds like a rather good reorganization, I'm a bit confused as to how the kick log would work. You say that both the owner and personal moderation logs would show the main reason for the kick, but how would the log understand what reason to put? The only way I notice this could be achieved would be if the rated member who did the kicking filled out the log manually, which means the reason could be faked. Still, it might be useful in cases where the discussion owner and ranked member's view of a crime differed, assuming they were equally truthful.

I know you confusions. As soon as the General kicks out unranked, he is going to be required to enter a motive after unranked was pumped when the Clan Chat Owner enables it. Subject to change at any time.

Creating and breaking up a suggestion! For many years people have wanted their thoughts to become reality inside the world of RuneScape. Most of us want to have ideas heard and we post ! But there is such a significant difference between something that will function and something which wont.

Some things will never become reality, and a few will be so great it is actually incredible nobody had thought about this idea before! In this subject I'm going to explain just what makes a much better suggestion, and even if the concept isn't the best will nevertheless show you have thought things out and taken the time to find out more about the idea, the good things (along with the poor ones!) . So fire cape buy osrs just what makes a fantastic suggestion!?

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