There is surely no better way to welcome in a new, brighter season than by undergoing a thorough cleaning and tidying process at your home or business premises. But does spring cleaning always make you feel overwhelmed? Perhaps you are not sure what to do with all the bits and bobs you will have to discard or store away? 


If so, don’t fear! With a little bit of our hamper craft filling tissue from our online shop here at, cleaning up your residential property or business site and having a good declutter can become much easier.


Here are some of the ways in which our shredded paper can aid your spring-cleaning process. 


Sell old or unwanted items through eBay


Most of us probably have a surplus of old, unwanted knickknacks in our home or commercial property. Even a year is enough time to amass hundreds of goods that may, by now, simply be accumulating dust in the corners of whatever building you need to have spring cleaned.  


Whether you need to get rid of books, CDs, DVDs, or even dated crockery or clothes (to cite just a few examples), why not use shredded paper from our online store to package your items for delivery to awaiting buyers? 


Our hamper craft filling tissue is particularly soft and durable compared to many of the alternatives out there, which makes it perfect for such a purpose.


Use shredded paper to clean windows and glass


Although this may seem like a far-out idea, shredded paper can actually be a great item to use for the scrubbing clean of glass windows and other surfaces. 


From glass tables to your favourite glasses in the kitchen, it can be a straightforward process to simply dip our shredded paper into an equal parts vinegar-water solution and clean away, without any streaks at all. 


Organise and pack fragile items


Unlike bubble wrap and other plasticky packaging material, our shredded paper is an environmentally friendly and attractive option for the packaging and protection of any fragile items that you may intend to place in storage, or to transport elsewhere. 


An important part of spring cleaning is ensuring you are well-organised. When you place a generous helping of our shredded paper into cardboard boxes filled with your belongings, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your valuables will be much better protected than they would have otherwise been. 

Are you ready to get spring cleaning? If so, please don’t hesitate to place an online order with us for your very own hamper craft filling tissue. We can deliver our handy products free of charge to most of the UK mainland, and with rapid express delivery available too, you could be proceeding with your spring cleaning even sooner than you expect.