That rest of cash goes to RuneScape from Ruify's blog

If not I'll be receiving a Bgs, then a set of claws with RuneScape gold any excess money... After that rest of cash goes to leveling mage, pray, summ or herby. . I wont be coaching that for a while. . .) , also 70 range, and possibely even veng l0l. . And then, I'd have a cr hopefully.

And I can alrdy manage Sarasword simple. . Alrdy have full torags and full veracs for when I tank grind (full inv of 3 critters, and rest super sets and ppots to beg offence throuought. .) Just rfd gloves REALLY worth getting is barrows gloves. . And getting all the stats and pursuit reqs for them will take me atleast 2 months filled with questing and skilling. . I had rather not. My exams are going on also. Notice how I don't have Ags anymore?

Just wondering what methods I need to use to defeat Nomad. I have not attempted it yet, but I wish to make sure that when I do I'm fully prepared and know what to expect. Please give me some tips that you have. I'll post my stats if it helps. Melee him. Utilize Chaotic rapier if you've got it, if not use a bgs. You could probably eliminate rocktails and a tort filled with rocktails but you might want to take like 4 brews and 2 restores just in case, and also take 1 prayer potion and 1 super attack and 1 super strength.

Read a guide on his attacks and dodge so, I would also reccommend taking a kyatt pouch and around 20 scrolls because it makes things much easier, dismiss your tort when you have used all your food and summon your kyatt then. Pray piety for nearly all the fight, and both piety and protect from melee at the end.

My stats are far lower than yours and that I meleed him with ease (with rapier and ddef) I ended up needing more like 10 brews and the remainder rocktails, but I was near enough that you ought to handle fine with your enhanced stats. If you find the healing inadequate you can always move around brews but what I suggested prices like 250k per attempt, versus ~400-500k with brews, so its worth trying with rocktails imo. Rocktails are also a lot easier to handle as your stats remain boosted and you also dont need to buy rs 3 gold worry about counting a 3-1 ratio when ingesting.

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