To locate the perfect vaping offers, you should define a price range and look towards something unique. The easiest way to locate brands for your demands is to understand the things you're most interested in. If you require help deciding or are fresh to vaping, doing a little research is advised. E.g., if you want to purchase the right starter kit, you can browse for 'finest starter kits' and see what comes up; this list will assist you in narrowing your choices on the most recent gadgets. You also must look at the reviews from reputable sources before purchasing anything to ensure that the products are as fine as they claim to be. Deciding on a vaping product device can be a difficult task. Continue reading for advice regarding how to save money on vaping and get more value from your vape for less!


1: Choose the best disposables

Disposable vapes are a wonderful ease that has never been extra popular. Anyone who has been outside in the last year or two has probably seen disposables like the Flum MI 800 puffs almost everywhere tobacco products are sold. Check for an easy wholesale price clearance rate for Flum products.

These devices are ultra-portable and involve no upkeep because they are intended to be vaped right out of the package and discarded once empty. Disposable vapes are an excellent choice for cigarette smokers who wish to attempt electronic cigarettes without investing in a full setup, in addition to being a good choice for on-the-go use because you do not wish to carry stuff around or tweak with your daily kit while moving.

If you want to cut money with vaping, you could perhaps strive to save disposable items for special events. The price of choosing them as a daily option will add up over time, to the moment when smoking may no longer appear to be that pricey.


2: Purchase a Quality Vape Kit

The best way to cut costs with an e-cigarette is to buy a reliable rechargeable gadget to keep up with over time. This may mean spending a bit more money upfront, but if maintained properly, these gadgets can last a long time.

Of course, rechargeable kits require more upkeep than disposable items. However, with several vape kits available, you're bound to notice that which meets both your taste and budget.

The pricing of spares, such as coils and pods, is an essential aspect to think about when purchasing a new vape kit for cost-cutting purposes. When purchasing a new kit, be sure to compare prices.



End up saving extra income on a variety of the biggest widely known e-brand names, disposable devices, and other items. With unrivaled pricing and discounts, this deal will only be available for a week! When looking for the finest offers on vaping devices, there are several options available to you. Weekly sales will only be available for a limited time before a new set of products is chosen. Make certain that you do not skip the top online promos. We created this list to assist you in locating goods that meet your requirements without spending a lot of time looking.



  1. Bang XXL 6% 2000 puffs $30

    Product Description

BANG XXL are high-end disposable vape that packs delicious flavor within a very high puff-yielding device. Each device yields approximately 2,000 puffs of succulent, fruity, or minty ejuice flavor. These high-quality, easy-to-carry disposable vapes come in a multitude of various fruit and menthol flavors.

The Bang XXL packs an amazing 2,000 puffs of icy banana ejuice flavor into an easy-to-carry device. With 6ml of frosty banana ejuice and a long-lasting built-in 800mAh battery, this disposable was engineered to be long-lasting and great tasting. A great way to kick your smoking habit and save money.

Flavor: Banana, Menthol
Nicotine strength: 6% (50mg)
Ejuice capacity: 6ml
Approximately 2,000 puffs
Buttonless design
Built-in internal 800 mAh battery

    2. Big Bar DUO 5% Disposable 2 in 1 Device - 2200 Puffs -$20

Product Description

It's like nothing you haven't seen before! Introducing Big Bar DUO. Big Bar just got crazier with their disposables. Instead of vaping just one flavor, Now you have a choice of vaping two flavors in one package! 2200 PUFFS 2 in 1 Device 1100 MaH Bottom Switch

Banana Ice & Strawberry Banana - Banana | Menthol & Strawberry | Banana
Blue Razz & Triple Strawberry - Blue Raspberry & Strawberry
Cotton Candy Ice & Hawaiian Ice - Cotton Candy | Menthol & Tropical | Menthol
Melon Ice & Melon Peach Rings - Melon | Menthol & Melon | Peach | Candy
Peach Ice & Lush Ice - Peach Menthol & Watermelon | Menthol
Skittles & Candy - Skittles & Candy

6.5mL of e-liquid
2200 Puffs Per Device (1100 Per Flavor)
5% Nicotine
1100mAh battery

     3. Flum WAFER Disposable Device 5% - 1600 Puffs - $25

Product Description

Pre-filled with an ejuice capacity of 5ml and 5% of nicotine, the Flum Wafer disposable vaporizer delivers approximately 1600 puffs in a compact, light, and portable design. With a -mAh battery, the Flum Wafer disposable vaporizer has enough power to deliver excellent flavor without any charging or complicated settings. Easy to use, just open the Flum vape package and puff away.

5mL Prefilled E-Liquid Capacity
Integrated Battery
5% Nicotine Concentration
Approximately 1600 Puffs
Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism

Flavor:Aloe Grape|Banana Ice|Cool Mint|Dragon Grape|Guava Ice|Lush Ice|Peach Ice|Pink Lemonade|Sour Apple|Aloe Pineapple

    4. PHYRE 5% Disposable Device - 3000 Puffs - $30


Boasting a delicious flavor experience with each puff, this light, and crisp aloe grape flavor will become one of your favorites. It offers a super satisfying and succulent flavor that continues to linger in your mouth, urging you to continue to experience the wonderful vape.


Offering just the right pairing, this beautifully crafted vape juice blend is all of the flavors you will crave. It brings together a unique aloe flavor and combines it with the juicy taste of watermelons to create a mouthwatering flavor experience that will go down in history as one of your all-time favorites.


Sharing a delicious flavor experience that you will love, there is nothing more pleasing than Boost. It recreates your favorite energy drink flavor, which is known to give you 'wings'. This special vape juice blend is perfectly concocted to provide the closest representation of that hard-to-resist flavor.


Sharing the most refreshing taste from the first puff to the last, Lychee Frost is one you must try. It is a masterful blend that combines exotic lychee with a cool menthol frost, making for a super refreshing and delicious vape that you can enjoy all day long.


Giving you the most flavorsome vaping experience, you'll love every moment of this delicious flavor. It brings you a satisfying blend of two flavors, boasting tastes of juicy strawberries and exotic dragon fruit, creating the most pleasing taste experience you've ever had.


Just when you thought you've reached a dull moment in your tastes, you experience Mint Frost, a true mint flavor that has a cooling kick. It is a flavor that is sweet, refreshing, and super pleasing to the taste buds. This is a vape that will awaken your tastes and keep you excited about vaping.


By bringing together two magical flavors, you have the opportunity to experience a vape of a lifetime. This amazing duo consists of juicy peaches and cool menthol, creating a peach frost that could become your next all-day vape. This tasty blend is so good that you won't be able to put it down.


If you are looking for a pleasing flavor to add to your collection of all-day vapes, Pina Loco is one that you should try. It is an amazing pairing of tropical pineapples and coconuts. It leaves you with a lingering taste and the feeling as if you were set out on a warm sunny beach.


Gifting you nothing but delicious tastes and super satisfying nicotine, there is nothing more pleasing than this duo of flavors. It is the perfect pairing that consists of juicy strawberries and perfectly ripe grapes, leaving you with an extraordinary flavor experience that will jump to the top of your list.


Offering an amazing flavor every time that you inhale, this remarkably crafted vape juice fills your airways with the most luscious flavored vapor. It is a pairing that brings you mouthwatering strawberries and juicy mangoes, resulting in yet another all-day vape that you can add to your collection.

    5. VFeel Reckless BOOST 5% Disposable Device - 4000 Puffs - $30

Product Description

The VFEEL Reckless Disposable has two modes: Auto-Draw and Boost Mode. In Auto-Draw mode, there is no delay in suction and there will be a blue light at the bottom. The other is Boost Mode, which is turned on by pressing and holding the bottom button. It produces a cooler, sweeter flavor than the normal mode and is significantly more powerful too with 7-color RGB lights flashing.

VFEEL Reckless contains 10ml e-liquid and gives you extreme satisfaction with its bursting flavor and vapor. Powered by a 650mAh rechargeable battery, it provides a lifespan of up to 4000 puffs. The Reckless uses a 1.0ohm mesh coil and is extremely impressive in keeping the flavor consistent from the 1st to the last puff.

Puffs: 4000 Puffs
Battery Capacity: 650mAh Rechargeable
E-liquid Capacity: 10ml
Resistance: 1.0Ω (Mesh Coil)
Nicotine strength: 5% Nic Salt optional
Superpower: 6-17.6W

Switch between 2 modes at any time (Auto-Draw mode/Boost Mode)
Boost Mode has a cooler & sweeter flavor, stronger taste hit, and more cloud
USB Type-C charging system, easy to be charged at any time
Contains 1.0ohm Mesh Coil
Premium E-juice Ingredients

    6. Big Bar 5% Disposable Device 1600 puffs -$20

Product Description

Big Bar is nothing compared to the other brands out there. With a 1000 MaH battery loaded with 5ml of flavor, you can't go wrong with the rated puff count of 1600 puffs. We strive to give the best product on the market and produce the best-tasting disposables flavors. Once you taste some of our flavors, you'll be about to tell the difference in quality right away.

Peach Ice is the perfect choice for people who love the sweetness of peach along with the invigorating cooling sensation of menthol. The added iciness adds zest to an otherwise standard flavor. If you’re a peach fan who wants something a bit adventurous this is the way to go.

Banana Ice Disposable is a delectable all-day vape that delivers that famous banana taste with a hint of icy menthol in an easy-to-use disposable. Delight in the sweetness of fruity banana on the inhale and icy cool mint on the exhale, a combination that will have you clambering for more. Take a cool sip of delicious flavor and enjoy up to 1600 puffs per device with a 50mg nicotine strength that's both satisfying and fulfilling.

Experience a great mixture with Strawberry Banana where juicy fresh succulent strawberries and sweet ripened bananas unite together to make one unforgettable dreamy dance of flavors. 

Strawberry Ice: The tartness of the strawberry is nothing any other fruit can compete with, and with the combination of a small hint of mint, Strawberry Ice Disposable shows the world exactly why. As you commence to puff from the vape's legendary draw-activated feature, you get the perfect blend of strength and flavor per inhalation.

Lush Ice:  disposable is as simple as it gets. Fruity and refreshing, Lush Ice provides a nice watermelon flavor with cool menthol to jump-start your taste buds and get you going for the rest of the day.

Blue Raspberry Ice is a perfect blend of tarty blueberry sweetness with an icy, refreshing menthol finish. A perfect flavor for any time of the day, Puff Bar Blueberry ice is a great choice for menthol lovers who want a fruit flavor experience that isn’t excessively sweet.


Puffs: 1600

Ejuice Capacity: 5ML

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh

     7. Ezzy ICON 5% RECHARGEABLE Disposable Device - 3500 Puffs - $15

Product Description

Check out the EZZY ICON Disposable Vape, featuring a 50mg nicotine strength, 8.5mL prefilled eJuice capacity, and can deliver up to 3500 puffs.

Colorful Crystal Finish
8.5mL Prefilled Capacity
Approximately 3500 Puffs
Nicotine Strength: Salt 5% (50mg)
Mesh Coil
Draw-Activated Firing