The Massey Ferguson 245 DI tractor stands as a prime option for farmers seeking efficiency in their agricultural endeavors. Boasting a potent engine and remarkable lifting prowess, it adeptly tackles various medium-scale farming tasks. In India, its price falls within the range of Rs. 7.15 lakh to Rs. 7.75 lakh*, varying based on model and location. Equipped with modern specifications, the Massey Ferguson 245 DI proves its versatility and effectiveness on the field. Its Simpson SJ327E TI A type engine, with a displacement of 2700 CC and 1790 engine rpm, delivers a robust 50 horsepower. The tractor features an 8 forward and 2 -reverse-gear sliding mesh transmission system, enhancing its operational flexibility. Furthermore, its sturdy hydraulic system can lift up to 1700 kg, while sealed dry disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power. With dimensions optimized for maneuverability, this tractor navigates diverse terrains with ease. Noteworthy features such as a dry-type pre-cleaner air filter, a robust 12V 75 Ah battery, and adaptable tire sizes further enhance its performance and reliability.