It is a pre-formed plastic packaging made up of two parts - a clear plastic cover known as the blister, and a backing of paperboard or foil-backed paper. The sealing of the backing card onto the plastic sheet forms molded cavities or pockets which are used to securely contain products. These pockets or blisters protect items from damage, moisture and contamination during transportation and storage.


Protects Product Integrity
The rigid plastic cover along with the backing provides 360-degree protection to products against damage due to external factors like moisture, dust, shocks etc. Blister Packaging products reach the customers in their original form without any external tampering.

Maintains Product freshness
Being hermetically sealed, blister packages help maintain product freshness for longer durations. They prevent unwanted air or moisture from entering or leaving the pack and increasing the shelf life of items.

Allows Product Visibility

The clear plastic cover gives maximum visibility of the packed product allowing customers to view it before purchase. This display feature helps attract consumers and increases sales potential.

Tamper Evidence
Once sealed, blister packs cannot be re-opened without leaving evidence of tampering, ensuring the authenticity and safety of products. This builds consumer trust.

Space Efficient
Blisters utilize spaces efficiently by forming exact cavities for odd-sized or irregular products. They minimize unused spaces and optimize usage of available area on shelves.

Supports Branded Packaging
Vibrant printing and labeling can be directly applied on the rigid plastic cover as well as backing to build strong branding appeal. This elevates product perception and identity.

Suitable for Varied Products
From medicines, cosmetics, electronics to food items - blister packs can accommodate almost all types and sizes of products making it a universal packaging format.

Cost Effective Packaging Solution

Despite initial tooling costs, blister packaging has lower material, labor and wastage costs compared to alternatives. Overall it provides good value for money.

Common Applications

Pharmaceutical Products
Blister packs are the most preferred format for packing tablets, capsules and other medicinal formulations. Their tamper proof sealing and ability to maintain potency and purity of drugs makes them ideal for pharmaceutical use.

Food products
Sweets, chocolates, biscuits, dry snacks etc benefit from the product visibility and extended shelf life provided by blisters. They protect the contents from external contamination.

Electronic Accessories

Blisters securely contain small electronic parts like batteries, chargers, connectors etc and prevent damage during storage and shipping.

Cosmetic Products
Items like lipsticks, compacts, eyeliners be efficiently packed and prominently displayed in blisters ideal for retail shelves and displays.

Industrial/Commercial Use
Blisters package varied items for sectors like automotive, hardware etc ensuring safety and optimized transportation of goods.

Emerging Applications

With constant innovation, blister packs are finding newer uses in applications like storing craft materials, jewelry accessories, stationery items and more. Their versatility allows expansion into diverse industries.

Advantages have made blister packaging a popular and efficient solution for product protection and presentation across multiple industries. It acts as a cost-effective and tamper proof packaging format suitable for various products and applications. Continued development is further strengthening its potential and share on a global level.

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