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Drake and 21 Savage’s "Her Loss" stream

Drake and 21 Savage’s "Her Loss" is the pinnacle of a relationship that dates as earlier as 2016, when the duo linked up for “Sneakin’.” Back then, 21 was a rising Atlanta rapper with uncapped potential and of promise (and an association with platinum producer Metro Boomin), while Drake was arguably the most impactful artist in the world and the man whose co-sign could be counted on to summon a rare energy that illuminates and elevates talents into proper stardom. Buzzing Eight years and three additional collaborations later, 21 Savage is certainly a bona fide rap super star and Drake is still the most dominate artist in the world, but the 16 tracks that make up "Her Loss" reveal the duo as somehow much larger than the sum of its parts. Drake and 21 new album

Drake new album herlossIt was likelyHonestly, Nevermind standout “Jimmy Cooks” that ignited, or at the very least summoned, Drake and 21 savage new album "Her Loss". The song was a eloquent outlier from that album’s house and techno-adjacent dance music thread, allowing Drake and 21 Savage the chance to do what they have always enjoyed doing together: Remain player against entitled love interests, revel in the lifestyle they’ve earned by devotion, dedication, and taking an oath to remain original to themselves from the 6 to Zone 6, and, for 21 Savage specifically, remind listeners that his gun still do go off. Drake and 21 savage studio album "Her Loss" is much of the same, with the duo leaning into a shared distaste for less-accomplished artists (“On BS,” “Privileged Rappers,” “Broke Boys”), sharing their views on contemporary courtship (“Spin Bout U,” “Hours in Silence”), detailing what life as a superstar rapper is about (“Circo Loco,” “Pussy Millions”), and, in one instance, rapping about how much they appreciate and respect one another (“Treacherous Twins”). The love they profess for one another might at first play as eyebrow-raising, to one who does not appreciate the layers to all human beings and the judgments and pressures masses place on human beings that are well known under all the pressure in the world this duo would never crack but to question it would be to willfully ignore the notion that bleeding your soul into a mic called rap, like nearly anything else, is just that much more fun with your hitter in tow. Drake and 21 Savage’s "Her Loss" stream.

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