In recent years, there has been a growing realization that measuring economic metrics like GDP alone is not sufficient to understand societal progress and human welfare. As the limitations of focusing only on economic outcomes have become apparent, researchers and policymakers globally have started exploring new ways to measure people's quality of life in a holistic manner. This has led to the emergence of wellbeing and happiness indices that go beyond income and material wealth to include metrics related to health, relationships, education, environment, and purpose. With access to vast amounts of digital and self-reported data, it is now possible to track wellbeing indicators at an individual as well as community level over time.

Building the Platform

Recognizing this opportunity, a global non-profit organization has embarked on developing an open wellbeing data platform that will aggregate anonymized individual-level wellbeing information from diverse digital sources. The goal of this platform is to provide researchers, businesses, and policymakers with comprehensive, multidimensional Well-Being Platform data to help design effective interventions. To ensure privacy and ethical use of personal data, stringent security and consent protocols will be implemented. The initial focus is on collecting wellbeing survey responses, education and employment records, health indicators, social connectivity metrics, environmental exposure, financial stress levels, and daily mood ratings through both active data contribution as well as passive digital traces.

As measuring prosperity solely through economic indicators is recognized as insufficient, new multidimensional approaches are needed. The proposed open global wellbeing data platform aims to fill this gap by aggregating wellbeing indicators from diverse digital sources and generating actionable analytics. By facilitating collaborative evidence generation and applications across sectors, the platform envisions catalyzing solutions with real impact on enhancing people's quality of life worldwide. With careful attention to privacy, consent, incentives and ethical oversight mechanisms, such an approach holds immense promise for advancing wellbeing on a population scale through data, insight and collective effort.

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