1. There is an imported ABB turbine and motor to prevent the electrical anti -overload circuit that prevents the motor from burning. High safety and stable work performance.

2. The built -in central central central PLC control method is simple and easy to operate.

3. The pulse anti -blow -type automatic ash clearance: The filter element uses automatic rotation to blow the ash, so that the surface of the filter element is cleaned and cleaned, and it can always ensure that the dust collector has a constant air -absorbing volume; The bottom high -pressure intake can ensure that the purifier is always in a good working state. (Automatic or manual control can be designed according to user needs)

4. The filter tube adopts American imported materials and has a long service life. The filtration efficiency of welding smoke (0.3 μm) can reach 99.97%, which has a good filtering effect on humidity and viscous dust.

5. Utilizing the universal suction arm that can act at 360 degrees, smoke can be removed from the occurrence of flue gas, which greatly improves the collection rate of smoke and dust, and ensures the health of the operators.

6. Three protective measures for the internal purifier for fire hazards and large particles of slag to make the purifier's service life longer, safer and reliable.

7. The clean air is evenly guided and dispersed from the grille -shaped air outlet, so the noise is reduced to the ZUI low.

8. A new Korean -style foot wheel with a brakes facilitates the random movement and positioning of the device.

9. Optoelectronics control is turned on, off, energy saving, and cantilever covers a lighting device (optional).

10. GRINDING and DUST Removal Table has stable consumables and convenient replacement.

grinding and dust removal table https://www.kaisenfilter.com/grinding-and-dust-removal-table.html