Our Company

Chongqing Endurance Energy Equipment Integration Co., Ltd is a member of Endurance Industry Corporation, a leading supplier of technology and services in multiple industries including oil & gas equipment, environmental equipment, special equipment and automobile parts since 1958.

Through over half centuries of development, Endurance has grown rapidly focusing on Energy, Environment and Safety, and the core products of Endurance Industry in each field has stood on top of the industries in China. Chongqing Endurance Energy Equipment Integration Co., Ltd is specialized in gas equipment field, and has grown to be the leader in complete solutions for comprehensive utilization of natural gas and unconventional natural gas.

With world class advanced technology in gas purification, liquefaction, regasification, peak shaving, gas filling systems and related premium core equipment, we have made remarkable achievements, especially in CNG and LNG filling systems. We provide complete equipment integration, automation control solutions, process engineering, general contracting, financing and complete lifecycle services for natural gas and unconventional natural gas.

The market share of our CNG dispensers and LNG dispensers has stayed on top in China since 2003 with over 24,000 sets metering units selling record, and has been installed globally including the Middle East, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, France, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Russia etc.

Our Market Place:
鈼?24,000+ CNG/LNG Dispensers in 6000+ NGV stations
鈼?No. 1 market share in China since 2003
鈼?3500+ LNG/L-CNG/CNG Station equipment
鈼?500+ CNG Stations supplied in Pakistan since 2001
鈼?400+ CNG Stations supplied in India since 2018
鈼?200+ CNG Stations supplied in Uzbekistan
鈼?1000+ Oil & Gas Storage Terminals
鈼?20+ LNG Liquefaction Plants EPC
鈼?Our products are widely supplied globally
鈼?As the industry pioneer, we have invented:
鈼?The 1st Isothermal Compressor in the world;
鈼?The 1st LNG Dispenser & LNG Station in China in 2004;
鈼?The 1st Hydrogen Dispenser in China in 2008;
鈼?The 1st LNG Bunkering Station on Yangtze River in 2015;
鈼?The 1st 70kg/min Hi-flow CNG Bus Dispenser in 2015;
鈼?The 1st 35MPa CNG Dispenser in China in 2019;
鈼?The Only approved Aviation Fuel Flowmeter in China.

Our Factory

Cryogenic vessel workshop
Cryogenic vessel workshop1
Cryogenic vessel workshop2

Raw Materials Area
Semi-finished products area 1
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Verification center
Aging test

Dispenser assembly area
Head office

Our Certificate

We have obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO18001 OHSAS system certification, and CE, ATEX, ASME certifications, so as to supply products and services in accordance with international standards.China Containerized LNG Station factory