Everything You Need to Know About the Digital SAT

The SAT is going digital! If you're a high school student planning to apply to college in the US, here's everything you need to know about the new Digital SAT format.

Conquer the Digital SAT: The Ultimate Guide for Students

The College Board has revamped the SAT, making it a shorter, more adaptive, and computer-based test. This blog post will serve as your one-stop guide to understanding the key differences, content, timing, and tools you'll encounter in the Digital SAT.

New Digital SAT Surprise? Here's What You Need to Know

  • Shorter Test: Say goodbye to lengthy exams! The Digital SAT is a breeze compared to its predecessor, clocking in at around 2 hours instead of 3.
  • Adaptive Testing: The difficulty of the Digital SAT adjusts based on your performance. Do well on a section, and you'll face tougher questions next.
  • Digital Delivery: You'll be taking the test on a laptop or tablet provided at the testing center, or you can bring your own approved device.

Content & Timing Shifts: Navigating the New Digital SAT

The Digital SAT retains the core Reading, Writing, and Math sections, but with some tweaks:

  • The Reading and Writing Section: This merged section features shorter passages and a wider range of topics, including the humanities and even some poetry.
  • The Math Section: Here's some good news for math whizzes (or those who love calculators)! You can now use a calculator throughout the entire Math section. The Digital SAT even comes with a built-in calculator if you forget yours.

Tools Featured in the New SAT

While the core knowledge tested remains the same, the Digital SAT in USA offers some new tools to enhance your test-taking experience:

  • Digital SAT Diagnostic Test: Gauge your strengths and weaknesses with this AI-powered practice test that comes with a score calculator.
  • Gamified DSAT Selection Test: Make studying fun with these mobile-friendly, game-based practice modules that target specific topics.
  • Digital SAT Full-Length Practice Tests: Get exam-ready with realistic mock tests that mirror the College Board's format.
  • Mia - Your AI Tutor for DSAT: This AI-powered tutor tailors your study plan based on your individual needs.

The Best Online SAT Prep

Feeling overwhelmed by the changes? Don't worry! We've got you covered with a range of resources to help you ace the Digital SAT:

  • Free Diagnostic Test: Start by taking our free diagnostic test to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and receive a personalized study plan.
  • Digital SAT Practice Tests: Hone your skills with our extensive library of practice tests, including full-length mock exams.
  • AI-powered Tutor: Get personalized guidance from Mia, your AI tutor who tailors your learning experience.

Conquer the Digital SAT with Confidence

The Digital SAT may be new, but with the right preparation, you can approach it with confidence. Our comprehensive online prep course offers everything you need to succeed, from diagnostic tests and practice questions to personalized study plans and AI-powered tutoring. Sign Up & Achieve Your College Dreams (with Digital SAT Prep)

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