What is wetsuit?

Wetsuits are very important equipment when we play various water sports, such as surfing, SUP, and so on. As the picture shown, a wetsuit is a set of elastic tights that we wear when we go into the water, with a certain thickness. At first glance, you might think that the function of wetsuit is to prevent the loss of body temperature caused by sea water and cold wind. However, wetsuit do more than that. It also provides good protection. Such as when the surfboard is swept out to the wave, or when it hits the body, or when there are other organisms in the water, or the impact of the sea white. Of course, because it covers most of the body, sun protection is also good. Some of them material is buoyant.

The principle of wetsuit insulation

When wearing a wetsuit, water can enter the wetsuit and form a film of water between the wetsuit and the body. This film of water is heated by body temperature and remains in the wetsuit, thus becoming an insulation layer. In order to ensure the stability of this water film, it is very important that the wetsuit is close-fitting.

Selection of wetsuit size

When it comes to choosing wetsuit, to be honest, size is the most important factor. If too small, your action is always constrainted by it, even breathe. If the size is too large, it will not only enter a mass of water, but also make the "insulation effect" almost disappear, resulting in loss of body temperature, unable to move freely, and even get ill.

Classification of wetsuit

When wearing a wetsuit, the body temperature will change with the external environment. Therefore, in different seasons and climates, it is necessary to wear different suit according to the weather, or use wetsuit with underwear, gloves, shoes and so on to adapt to the external changes.