Tang Jiao said, you didn't show any mercy to me at that time. Now, as long as you have a chance to bite me, why don't I make you unhappy first. She really has no burden in her heart to deal with these people. I'll communicate. Mrs. Tang glanced at Tang Shijie and was disgusted with such a thing. Go into the house immediately and call the big room. Tang Shijie: "You.." When Shen Qing began to walk forward, Tang Shijie screamed: "You, you, you!"! What are you doing? Shen Qing pinched Tang Shijie's collar directly, pulled the car open with one hand, and threw it in directly. Take Tang Heng and get out of here. Tang Heng is miserable: "You cannot..." Shen Qing looked back at Tang Zhiyong, Tang Zhiyong accompanied carefully: "Ah Heng is still a child, although such as jade." But Ah Heng is always my child, driving her out is just a moment of anger, can it really make the child homeless? Shen Qing: "My niece's suffering can not be in vain, if you want her to stay, then let her go to the roof to jump down, disabled I spend money to cure.". If you can't do it, get the hell out of here. Tang Zhiyong, you should know my temperament, if you don't follow what I say,stainless steel tile edge trim, you should know what I can do! Shen Qing with a cold face, do not look at Tang Heng, directly look at Tang Zhiyong. Tang Jiao stood aside and clapped. Everyone's eyes immediately fell on Tang Jiao. Tang Zhiyong threw back his head and said angrily, "Tang Jiao, what are you doing?" Tang Jiao's innocent face: "I think my uncle is so handsome!" Tang Jiao did not seem to see Tang Zhiyong's anger and smiled: "I knew my uncle loved me the most." Tang Zhiyong was so choked by Tang Jiao that he took a deep breath and brushed his sleeve into the door. When Tang Zhiyong left, Tang Jiao said decisively, "Come on,stainless tile trim, let me drive you out." Tang Jiao is not polite at all: "Don't put all the people in a mess in the future. Who knows what to think about?" Tang Heng stared at Tang Jiao ferociously, Tang Zhiyong was not there, but she did not have to put on an act. Tang Jiao raised her chin and looked at her with a smile. Do not know why, Tang Jiao suddenly thought of the previous life, the previous life of her mother died of illness inexplicably, at that time she only thought it was sick, but later thought it was clear. In fact, her mother is poisoned, otherwise it is definitely not like that. They killed her mother and forced her to marry an old man to fill the house, although it was euphemistically called to plan a better position for her father, but in fact! In fact, really for whom and where to know? At that time, her father's health began to become particularly bad, aluminium tile trim profiles ,tile profile factory, and he was also firmly disapproved of her marriage. But at that time, where did her father get around Hu Ruyu? It seemed that it was only more than half a year before their family became like that. They locked her up and decided to marry her off. Tang Jiao looked at Tang Heng, at that time they really did not have any warmth to her. Poor her father was so stupid that he even told her to go to the Tang family for help. Tang Jiao slightly hung her head, if not for her own long mind, I am afraid she will be sold by those people in the Tang family who have the heart of a wolf. Tang Jiao's smile is more and more brilliant, Tang Heng still has a chance to go out from this gate today, she could not even walk away at the beginning. Four leaves even lost their lives to cover her escape! "Tang Heng, it's all right if you don't go!" Tang Jiao smiled gently and softly, and Tang Heng's eyes lit up. She was slow, with a knife in her eyes: "I told my parents to marry you to Lu Yulin as the second wife." Tang Heng just ignited a little hope immediately turned into endless resentment, she stared at Tang Jiao, "how can you be so cruel!" Tang Jiao smiled without any warmth: "Are you cruel?"? How can it compare with one in ten thousand of your mother and daughter? You do the first day, and I do the fifteenth. Tang Jiao stood on the steps, smiling at the corners of her mouth, but looking at Tang Heng so coldly, until Tang Heng's face gradually became more and more ugly, and finally got on the bus and left with Tang Shijie. Tang Jiao, I won't forget it! Tang Shijie said something before he left. Tang Jiao sneers: "Be careful when driving. If you are not careful, don't say it's my fault.." Tang Shijie's car was installed on the stone base at the gate with a bang. He hated it very much, but he didn't come down to see it. The car disappeared into the night. Tang Jiao tuts: "Does the head grow on the buttocks?" Shen Qing looked back at the hatred in Tang Jiao's eyes. He was stunned. Then he hurried to Tang Jiao's side and touched her head to comfort her softly: "Yo, it's all right, it's all right!"! Uncle won't let others bully you. The coldness in Tang Jiao's eyes disappeared immediately, and she returned to the state of a little girl who was not familiar with the world. She nodded with a smile and said, "OK!" When Mrs. Tang came out, she saw that the couple had left at thirteen o'clock. She sighed with emotion, "They are really used to bullying us, but they even come to us for such a thing." She hugged her daughter in her arms and whispered, "Don't worry, Niang won't let them bully you." Tang Jiao to the finger, the voice encourages: "But." Hey, hey. Mrs. Tang:?? What's going on? She looked up with bright eyes. "I did it!" " Mrs. Tang:!!! Tang Jiao said, "Tang Shijie wants to help Tang Heng find trouble for me. I have no reason not to fight back!" She smiled brightly. "But it's all small things." When they entered the door, Tang Zhiyong had already returned to the study, and Tang Jiao sneered, knowing in her heart that her father was just looking for a reason to enter the room, thus ignoring Ah Heng's affairs. Sometimes when I think about it, I don't know what kind of character my father is. But when I think about it, I still understand. In fact, my father is a very refined egoist. All his kindness to others is based on the condition that he is not influenced. If it involves himself, he will shrink back at once. And will shift the responsibility to others. Thinking of this, Tang Jiao actually felt a little like laughing. So Ah Heng looks like his father. Yo, will you have a holiday tomorrow? Mrs. Tang went to the kitchen and brought out the bird's nest. She handed it to her daughter and said,china tile trim, "Come on, make up for it." Tang Jiao hum, carrying a bowl of small bites to eat. jecatrims.com