Just in case, each made a gesture, Qin Qin and Yun Yu then turned to the back of the ladder below to hide their bodies, and then climbed up. Lin Xuan, however, threw the two small stones she had prepared in advance into her mouth. Hearing the stones hitting the wall of the cave inside her mouth, she answered twice and slid forward far away. The empty echo still did not stop. She did not hear any other sound. There was really no one there. She was more and more calm. She hurriedly shouted in a low voice, "Yun Mei, hurry up." Then she went through the entrance. As soon as I saw that the population was the most annoying, it was wider inside. A thick rattan rope in the center of the road went straight to the depths inside. It was dark in the middle, and moonlight could only be seen at both ends. I looked carefully, but no one was there. Yun Yu and Qin Qin also arrived. This is like a Kangzhuang, galloping forward together. About to the exit, I saw the big wooden stake and the big winch twisting the ladder upside down on the ground. They were cut off and smashed together with a knife, a rope, a pile frame, and a winch. They were in a mess on the ground. I even guessed that Yu and Lei had done it first, and there were no outsiders. Just as she was walking away, Yun Yu suddenly felt a movement in her heart. She thought to herself, Yu Du has been here for a long time. Although Jin Nang Xian Zha ordered herself and Lin Xuan to rush to meet him before midnight, after all, he is a lone man, a fool with a sledgehammer, and a general who has been defeated several times. He is no different from a waste. The evil dragon is so fierce and evil. There are so many mountain people under him. If you are not careful,aluminum tile edge trim, you will be seriously injured if you don't die. Thinking of this, he was so anxious that he urged Lin and Qin to go quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, I saw that there was no movement outside, and I could see the rest. Only two people must be safe, but also never succeed, otherwise it would not be so quiet, the heart is slightly relaxed. Suddenly I saw a figure in white under the hillside at the corner in front of me. I saw that he was dressed up as a Han Chinese, and his posture was extremely fast. He only took one look and then disappeared. I like to wear clothes alone on weekdays, and I remember that when he came,aluminum tile trim, he was wearing a gray suit, and the sledgehammer costume was even worse. Apart from him, there would never be Han people coming and going in such places. I was very puzzled. As soon as I asked Lin and Qin, they said that they had not seen it because they had looked around at the situation and the village cave where the evil dragon lived. Are you dizzy when you secretly pay yourself? I don't think so. Seeing that Zhaidong was in the northwest, he hurriedly ran down the slope and went down the slope for a while. In the moonlight, I saw a pool of yellow water and a mess of hair on the side of the road. Yun Yu had a wide range of knowledge and knew that he was a newly dead man. He was able to use the bone-transforming elixir to transform water. He was taken aback and picked it up regardless of the filth. It was the hair of a man who had been caught in the rattan stockade. The top of his head had not yet melted, and the smell of the fishy smell assailed his nostrils. He hurriedly threw it into the water. He thought that there must be an expert who had passed through this and was discovered by a man who had been caught in the rattan stockade. The expert killed him and turned him into water with medicinal powder, so as not to be surprised by his kind. I only know that I get along with each other all day long, but I haven't heard that he has bone-transforming powder beside him. Is there really an expert here besides him? The more I thought about the figure in white, the more suspicious I felt. Fortunately, he looked like a fellow murderer. He came here to get rid of the evil dragon. Otherwise, I'm afraid what happened tonight will be painful. And line and think, see will be at the foot of the cliff in front of the village, Lin, Mao Ernu first stop step, life celery celery quickly find a place to hide, metal trim manufacturers ,stainless steel tile trim, the more dangerous forward, can not enter again. Qin Qin had no choice but to stop. Lin and Mao took good care of her hiding place before moving forward. As soon as I turned the corner of the cliff and walked out a dozen paces, I heard the sound of wild roars and strange cries on the top of the village in front of me. After a while, I went down from the cliff alone. I fixed my eyes on it and saw that it was Yu Du, armed with a broadsword, who ran to the northwest desperately, but did not go back and forth to escape. In the moonlight, I saw that the yak bones on his back were still there, shining black, but I didn't see him use them. In a twinkling of an eye, a man with a height of six or seven feet, horns on his head and a body like a dragon fell from the cliff. All over the body are inverse scales, the whole body does not hang inch strands, with two long arms, shaking a pair of hands as big as a dustpan, the strange man stepped down like flying. As soon as Yun Yu was in a hurry, his feet were a little strong, and he flew several feet high in the air to catch up with him. As soon as he landed, he was waiting for the second time to fly forward. As soon as Lin Xuan arrived, she quickly grabbed her and ran away, saying, "This evil animal is a human being. It's agile and invulnerable. It's not as stupid and dull as a yak elephant. Don't underestimate him.". You and I are not to go up together. "Yes," said Yun Yu hurriedly. When you catch up with him, you go to his right and I go to his left. He is not afraid of the sword, we give him a hard fight, chasing you and I attack, chasing me and you attack, so that he is attacked from both sides, and the beast will be killed alive. "The two of them did not stop at the beginning. With a wave of their hands, they inserted their swords, took out their hidden weapons with one hand, and pulled out the yak bones with the other hand. They ran and chased after each other.". All around are running fast, each other are separated by more than ten Zhangs. Lin and Mao were so anxious that they caught a glimpse of Yu Du, who was running in front of them. They thought they could see that the path was not in the right direction. Suddenly they turned and ran up a dense slope beside the road. The evil dragon followed them. After two pauses, Lin and Mao naturally became more and more eager to catch up, because Yu was alone in front of the evil dragon and did not dare to shout out. He had planned to use the former method to plot against the evil dragon. Yun Yu relies on the body to be light, already exceeded some. As soon as Lin Xuan went up the hill, he saw that Yu Du was walking in disorder and moving slowly. He was already holding the head and tail of the evil dragon and shouting "not good". Before he could jump forward to help, Yu Du suddenly turned around and aimed at the evil dragon with a knife. Then he went down and was caught by the evil dragon. At this time Yun Yu also went up the slope, both saw the crisis of Yu alone, this surprise is no small matter, coincidentally, one right and one left fly up in the air, holding the bone flower, aiming at the evil dragon and want to fight. The two of them were rising one after another, but it happened that Yu alone was in a hurry to be wise. With the evil dragon catching the knife and throwing it away, he went far to the side. As soon as the evil dragon slanted his body, he happened to slanting his back to Lin Xuan. He didn't see the shadow of the man, and because he had never met an enemy since he was born, he only knew how to protect the two vital points when facing the enemy. No matter how you plotted from behind, it was not in his mind. When the weapon hit him and angered him, he turned around to catch people and eat them. This had become a habit, so he didn't notice it before. It was not until Lin Xuan's yak elephant skull was about to hit his body. The bone was as big as a torture,tile trim manufacturers, and the oncoming force was extremely fierce. The wind brought by it was unusually strong and urgent. It was only then that I felt something. When I looked back, I saw a dark shadow shining with black light, but I didn't see clearly whether it was a person or a thing. I thought it was something rare!. jecatrims.com