The two rooms were only separated by a board. Huo Wenxiang went to the side of the wall and looked at the crack in the wall. He saw two people in the next room. The man was about forty years old, with thick eyebrows and tiger eyes, a lion's nose and a sea mouth. He looked like a majestic man. The woman had light eyebrows and flowing eyes. Her skin was as white as jade. Xu Niang was charming and lovely. The middle-aged man folded his fists and said with a smile, "Brother Yang's name has shaken the whole country overnight.." Yang Kun looked ashamed and said, "Yang should not die. Meng Beidou ordered him to rescue him and scare off the Flying Eagle Gang." The middle-aged man then asked for the details. With a stunned look on his face, he said, "I heard that the Flying Eagle Gang has sent out many experts. It seems that they are unwilling. They think that their prestige has been damaged too much. They also expect that someone else is pretending to be the name of the Big Dipper Order." Yang Kun said with a sneer, "No one in the martial arts world dares to act in the name of Beidou Ling." The middle-aged man said with a smile, "It is said in Jianghu that Beidou Ling has returned to Daoshan, but he has no successor. This conjecture is not very different from the fact." Yang Kun asked, "Who will witness Beidou Lingxian?" The middle-aged man was stunned and said, "I think so, too. But it's true that the Flying Eagle Gang is unwilling. If the Beidou Order is really Yan Pengzhan himself, with his hatred of evil, he will never allow Hao Jing to escape alive.." The beautiful middle-aged woman smiled and said, "That's obviously not wrong. So the foolish couple came here to inform Teacher Yang that they must be on guard against a plot on the way tomorrow." As soon as Yang Kun hesitated, he replied, "The virtuous couple are very affectionate, but Yang thinks that the true meaning of the order of the Big Dipper is not in Hao Jing, but in the leader of the Flying Eagle Sect himself. So this is nothing more than being conveyed through the mouth of Hao Jing." When the middle-aged couple heard this, their expressions changed slightly. The middle-aged man clapped his hands and laughed and said, "Why can't I think of this? Teacher Yang really hit the nail on the head." Suddenly I heard a sneer of pity from outside the window. Three people look big change, immediately fly from the seat, through the window, only to see the courtyard according to the position of each standing ten eagle gang master,Magnesium Oxide price, Hercules Hao whale is also included. As soon as Hao Jing caught a glimpse of the middle-aged couple, he said with a sneer, "It's Deng Ziyu and Cui Jinfeng, who are chasing the wind thousands of miles away. Hao was almost taken in by you just now." Deng Ziyu smiled and said, "Teacher Hao, do you think I, Deng Ziyu, fake the Beidou Order?" As he spoke, his complexion changed and he said in a deep voice,potassium sulphate fertilizer, "In fact, Mr. Hao's little art is not in Deng Mou's eyes, and there is no need to use the name of Beidou Order." When Hao Jing heard this, he couldn't help but rush up. His eyes were burning with anger. "Deng," he shouted, "you dare to taunt Hao." Teng Tzu-yu laughed and said, "You'll know if you're successful or not. Irascible and arrogant people are despised." With a sneer from Hao Jing, a kite turned over and hit Deng Ziyu on both shoulders with both palms. Deng Ziyu saw that Hao Jing attacked him with the method of "throwing the stele hand". The strength is heavy and fierce, the potential is like thunder, can not help sneering out loud, the body shape shakes, with the small kungfu "Yan Qing eighteen flash" body method with Xuanmen small star palm method to meet the enemy. You should know that Deng Ziyu is the first of the Seven Friends of Zhongzhou, who is famous in the martial arts world today. He is ruthless, quick and spicy. That Hercules Hao Jing skill is also unusual, the body is also skillful and smooth, the palm force whistles the tide, a moment of time, dozens of rounds in the past, Magnesium Oxide powder ,caustic calcined magnesite, it is dazzling. Deng Ziyu suddenly took advantage of the gap in the shadow of the empty palm with the posture of "butterfly wearing flowers", moved his right leg to the right of Hao Jing's body, and grabbed Hao Jing's right shoulder with his right hand as fast as the wind. If this hand was really used by Deng Ziyu, Hao Jing's right shoulder arm was sold to him, but Hao Jing was not lucky enough to be famous. How could he let Deng Ziyu use it? He withdrew in a hurry, and a "jade python turned over on its side" turned around behind Deng Ziyu. He exhaled in his throat, lifted his right wrist, and hit the "Mingmen" point on Deng Ziyu's back chest with a heavy technique. "Get out of the way," said Cui Jinfeng, the merciless Dragon Lady. Withdraw the shoulder, "Xuan Nu Jian", a slip of blue light to the right shoulder of Hao Jing. At that moment, Hao Jing let out a mournful howl, and fell to the ground with his body tilted to the left. On his back was a piece of the Big Dipper Seven Star Charm. Under the reflection of the cold moon, the seven stars on the amulet shone blue, as bleak and cold as the Big Dipper Seven Stars hanging high in the sky. At this scene, Teng Tzu-yu and his wife, as well as the bandits of the Flying Eagle Sect, were immediately shocked and discolored. Then an old and vigorous voice came: "Whether the old man is dead or not, there is no need for you to confirm it. Send a message to the leader of the Flying Eagle Sect to arrange a meeting at that time and place. The old man should leave on time. If he is mysterious and does not know where he is, the old man will take his life." The bandits of the Flying Eagle Gang had already fallen from fear, and immediately fled through the air when they heard this. In the courtyard, the autumn wind filled my ears, and it was as quiet as water. Deng Ziyu slowly turned to Yang Kun and said with a smile, "Elder Yan's coming out of Jianghu again is a blessing for the common people in Wulin. It's a pity to be stingy." Yang Kun was surprised and asked, "Haven't you ever seen Elder Yan before?" Teng Tzu-yu said, "I only met him once when I was studying with my teacher. The boy's ignorance doesn't count, but his pronunciation hasn't changed. It's clearly his old man." As he spoke, he folded his fists and bowed with a bow, saying, "Teacher Yang, you have a pleasant journey here. The foolish couple have nothing to worry about and disturb their dreams. I apologize later." Right hand area Cui Jinfeng, rising in the air, chest filled with emotion, turned over and sank outside the wall. Yang Kun eye note powerful God Hao whale body for a long time, this is an incredible thing. He did not want to meddle in the exploration, only felt that this life was picked up in vain, Beidou order to act unexpectedly, his mediocre talent, why bother to deliberate, then turned back to the room. Looking out of Huo Wenxiang's window, he saw that Huo Wenxiang was blindfolded by his feet and was sleeping soundly. He could not help shaking his head and smiling and walking back to his room. Yang Kun did not sleep a wink, the dawn did not appear, the beginning of the cry, that is, wake up Huo Wenxiang on the road, talking about the night, Huo Wenxiang as in a dream. Jiangdu. Ten miles of gold powder, green poplar city wall, in front of the bare branches and withered leaves, maple falling river cold, autumn rustling. The small West Lake, which used to be bright and beautiful, has been decorated with string songs, leaving only half of the lake with broken lotus and bald stalks,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, touching the eyes and desolate. The sound of hooves suddenly came from the lake bank, showing a man riding. It was none other than Huo Wenxiang who rode on the horse. He looked around and tried to enjoy the autumn scenery. He murmured, "The pistils are fragrant and the green leaves are broken. The west wind is worrying about the blue waves." 。