The poison of forgetting love. It will make the poisoned person forget the most grateful person in his heart. And what she forgot was him. How ridiculous. Her heart is grateful, in fact, is another man, only because he forgot everything, he insisted on staying with him. The invincible Lord of Huayin Pavilion, the demon king who can slaughter all living beings, has suffered a disastrous defeat on another battlefield. He lost to the biggest opponent in his life, but he didn't even have a chance to pull back a city-she had forgotten everything, how could she pull back? Is he not tolerant enough? After the Battle of Sanliancheng He never mentioned the past. Although indifferent, but still keep her in the side; Although anger, the heart is still when that person is a bosom friend. But they have violated his bottom line again and again. Is he too kind? So Destroy all these ridiculous kindness, ridiculous pity, and ridiculous friendship. Zhuo Wang Sun looked up and said to Yan Qingmei, "Now, you can start your heart replacement." Yan Qingmei seemed to be shocked by his action. At this time, her slender eyebrows finally showed a smile: "Well, you deserve to be the Lord of Huayin Pavilion.". Xiao Luan, come out. Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 33 fireworks have become the meaning of youth. txt。 Little _ Say _ Heaven An eagle's cry sounded on the top of Yushan Peak. Followed by bursts of melodious music. Groups of nether islanders in crane cloaks came slowly up the steps. They could not stand on the top of Yushan, so they circled around the ridge and the mountainside. They were still covered with sea mud, but there was a small flower in front of their skirts, red, yellow and purple, which came from the sea of bees. The little flowers swayed in the mountain wind, reflecting a faint joy in their sad faces, and they looked up at the sky. Holding a musical instrument in his hand, he played a curling music. The balance hung on the jade plate outside the cliff and sank slowly. Dozens of nether islanders manipulated the scales,Magnesium Sulphate producer, lowered the rope to the bottom of the cliff, and then pulled it up little by little. Xiao Luan, dressed in a snow-white wedding dress, was standing in the jade plate. The wedding dress, like a blooming flower, hangs down along her slender body and spreads on the white jade plate layer by layer. It is so white and light, just like the snow in the sky, which will not melt for thousands of years. Only the unique butterfly silk on the island of the nether world can weave such magnificent clothes. This kind of butterfly is called snow glass. Its wings are as light as cicada wings and as transparent as glass. It only grows on the southernmost cliff of Luojia Mountain and feeds on the wind and dew on the sea. The chrysalis is buried deep in rock crevices, and it takes ten years to break through the cocoon and become a butterfly. But only one day to live. Snow Liuli lives in the morning and dies in the evening. Life is as short as a mayfly, but it has amazing beauty and the most faithful love. At the moment of breaking the shell, they will choose their own partners, and in that short day of life, the two butterflies will fly on the sea and squander all the beauty of ten years on credit. Wait until the evening, they both face each other, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,dap diammonium phosphate, spit out the same crystal as the tears of the butterfly silk, then together into dust. The butterfly silk of snow glass is so light and thin that it is almost difficult to see, just like a wisp of rain, a light cloud and a tear in the sky. Extremely difficult to collect, extremely difficult to weave. What long and elaborate preparations must be made to weave the threads into threads, to accumulate the threads into pieces, and finally to make such a wedding dress; and what kind of love and hope does its owner have to wear it? Xiao Luan smiled and stood in the huge jade plate. Her eyes were fixed on Zhuo Wangsun through the peach blossoms falling from the top of Luojia Mountain. She is sixteen years old. The girl's soft and charming, in her body show incisively and vividly. Like a butterfly sleeping in a rock crevice, when it breaks out of its cocoon and blooms one day after ten years of waiting, even the sky can't help sighing. She opened her arms gently to Zhuo Wangsun, and her pale and sweet smile blossomed: "Brother." Zhuo Wang Sun gave a slight shock. Her beauty, even Zhuo Wang Sun is the first time to see. From the age of thirteen to sixteen, the change from girl to girl is enough to shock everyone. He urged the internal force to fall on the jade plate. Manipulated by the people of the nether world, the scales only vibrate gently, but no longer sink. He gently picked up Xiao Luan. For the first time, his movements were somewhat hesitant. Xiao Luan looked up at him and smiled. He was caught off guard by a burst of tenderness. This is Xiao Luan whom he is not familiar with. Xiao Luan put her arms around his neck and pressed her forehead against his chest as usual. Her hair gently brushed his chin, but what he smelled was no longer the faint fragrance of medicine, but the fragrance of blooming girls. This made him feel a little sad, followed by a burst of pain. When it blooms, it will also wither. He will not be able to keep anything. Although the heart transplant is just around the corner, she will no longer suffer for blooming, but. Somehow, he still felt a pang of pain. And he will lose Xiao Luan, the same bitterness. At the place of True Qi, Zhuo Wangsun took her to the top of Yushan Mountain and put her down gently: "Xiao Luan, I have found a doctor to treat you.". After that, you don't have to take medicine anymore. Xiao Luan smiled, as if she didn't care about all this. She only asked earnestly, "Brother, am I beautiful?" With that, she carried her skirt and turned around gently. At this moment, she is the only spirit worthy of the beauty of the Jade Mountain. All living beings are just the dirty floating dust in the world. It seemed that a piece of falling snow blocked Zhuo Wang Sun's eyes, so that his eyes also had a faint ripple: "Very beautiful." She slipped her fingers over the layers of the skirt and sighed softly, "It was specially knitted for you. It took ten days and ten nights to finish it." Ten days and ten nights, countless ties, sixteen years of worries, more than five thousand and eight hundred days of waiting, are all woven into this white and flawless wedding dress. Ten days and ten nights, for others, may only be one third of a month, one thirtieth of a year. One thousandth of a lifetime. But for her, it was almost all the rest of her life. Xiao Luan raised her head and her eyes were as transparent as colored glaze. "Brother, do you remember? You said you would marry me." Zhuo Wang Sun is silent. Yes,calcium ammonium nitrate price, in the vast earthly world, he only made such a promise for her. For a long time, he took Xiao Luan's hand: "Do you really want to marry me?" Xiao Luan's face burst into the most beautiful smile: "Of course. I like my brother's best. Zhuo Wang Sun gently pulled her into his arms.