He chuckled, but with some frivolity and coolness. Du Guangmei didn't care either. She wrinkled her nose and stuck her body to him. Her skin was white under her wide collar. She raised her chest slightly and rubbed it in his arms. "Look at what you said about me. I'm afraid there's someone else who has no heart." Li Dao's eyes moved away from her face and moved down slightly: "Kuang?" "Don't you want to?" Li Dao looked at her for a few seconds, fended her off, and stepped forward with his pocket in his pocket: "Come in." , Chapter 3, Chapter 3 Gu Jin woke up in the dark, she was lying in bed with a quilt, and the smell around her was very strange. At first, my mind was blank, but when I gradually recalled what happened tonight, my eyes had adapted to the darkness. Out of the corner of her eye, a ghostly shadow floated beside her. Her heart trembled, and she subconsciously bounced up and opened her mouth to shout. The night was quiet and her voice was shrill. The shadow next to her suddenly jumped up and rushed forward to cover her mouth. Shh! Don't scream, don't scream, everyone is asleep. Fear made Gu Jin instinctively retreat, and then found that his hands and feet were free, so he grabbed at the shadows in front of him. Hiss! That person is in a hurry: "Jin Jin, it is me!" Hearing this name, Gu Jin suddenly had a meal. The moonlight was faint,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, but enough to see the twinkle in each other's eyes, and the movements and voices stopped, only confused panting. The shadow finally breathed a sigh of relief: "You can not call, my little aunt." He wiped his sweat and whispered, "I'll take my hands away now. Don't make a big noise. Those guys just slept.." "Gu Wei?" She wants to make sure. Gu Wei's throat suddenly got stuck. Not daring to look straight into his eyes in the darkness, he hesitated for a few seconds and touched his nose. "Ah, it's me." Keep your voice down. Tonight,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, is it you? Gu Wei knew that she was asking about the robbery of the gold shop, avoided her sight, nodded guiltily, realized that she might not be able to see, and whispered back. Gu Jin unloaded her strength and controlled her trembling body. She knew that Gu Wei had done a lot of harmful things, but she didn't expect that one day she would be involved. With a few seconds to digest this matter, Gu Jin suddenly lifted the quilt and groped for shoes with his feet on the ground. What are you doing? "I'm going home." "Wait a minute, listen to my brother." He stepped forward to stop it. Fuck off Gu Jin pushed him, jumped directly to the ground, and stumbled forward. Gu Jin! He lowered his head, pulled the man back, and sat down on the bed. "Can you listen to me first?" Gu Jin raised his eyes and stared at Gu Wei bitterly, and in the darkness she gasped angrily. Gu Wei took a chair to sit in front of her and kept silent for a few seconds. "Can I take you out of here?" "Where to go?" "Exit." Gu Jin sneered, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Oxide powder, "Why should I go with you?" "Go out this time and never come back. There are no relatives here. I can't leave you here." "So that's the way to do it?" "By the way." He cleared his throat and said, "I know your temper, and you won't talk to me.." "I'm not going anywhere." Gu Jin suddenly shouted. Listen to me. You're not my brother! We have nothing to do with each other for a long time! Gu Jin jumped up excitedly and knelt down on the bed: "Look at the wicked things you have done all these years. Where do you deserve to be someone else's brother?"? What were you doing when I asked you not to break the law and find a job? Is it too late to talk about family love with me now? The money is not earned by your own labor. You still feel at ease when you spend it. Aren't you afraid of retribution one day? Her lips were smooth, and she complained like a bean, and her eyes were red and brighter and brighter. Yes, I'm sorry. Gu Wei knew that she was wronged and did not refute a word. He only said, "This is the last time. I promise to wash my hands of the golden basin in the future. We will leave together and live a good life." Gu Jin sniffed: "This is not the first time you have said this." "Really this time." "I don't believe it." She went to push him. There was a fight again, and without warning, the room suddenly brightened. Gu Jin knelt on the bed with one knee, stepped on the ground with the other foot, pricked his eyes, and subconsciously raised his hand to cover it. Quiet for a few seconds, "in the middle of the night, what is this singing?" The voice is low and lazy. Gu Jin Weidun took his hand away and saw a man standing at the door. The first thing that comes to the eye is a pair of strong red. Naked upper body, nearly wheat-colored skin with a faint shiny color, neck and chest with an abnormal blush; jeans underneath, no belt, loose and stuck on the crotch, the hair of the navel extending down is very thick, breathing, abdominal muscles bring a strong sense of strength. Gu Jin's eyes dodged, and he could not resist looking at his face. Sword eyebrows, high nose, inner eyes. Gu Jin's back of the head exploded and immediately recognized the eyes. The hand was still on the switch beside the wall, and when she cast her eyes, her eyes were locked on her. Somehow, in the face of Gu Wei's domineering posture, she instantly converged, clenched her lower lip, and subconsciously escaped from sight. Not good? Li Dao raised her chin slightly, but asked Gu Wei. Gu Wei wiped his face and sweated a lot just now. "It's all right. It's all right if it makes sense." "David's whip is in the cart. Do you need it?" This is definitely not like a joke, he has a simple Sichuan character lines hidden between his eyebrows, may be disturbed, the expression is very impatient. Don't add to the confusion. "Come out first," said Li. Gu Wei looked at Li Dao and could not help her for a moment, so he went to the door. Li Dao leaned against the door and opened his mouth and said to her, "Your brother spoiling you doesn't mean that others have a good temper. I'll help you loosen it." Gu Jin stepped on the ground and shrank unconsciously. He glanced at him. Li Dao's eyes were black and cool, bottomless like a pool of water. When he stared at people, there was a sense of oppression that could not be ignored. It was very strong. She was sharp-tongued but did not dare to say a word, and she lowered her head dejectedly. Li Dao pointed at her: "Sleep." Gu Jin shrank. You have three seconds. She felt her nose sour, drew back her legs, and climbed into bed silently. When Li Dao turned off the light, Gu Wei pressed against the crack of the door and said in a low voice,Magnesium Sulphate price, "Jin Jin, sleep first. If you have something to say, let's talk about it tomorrow morning." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com