So far I have only found two clues, this jade pendant is one of them, and the other clue is a pair of Hai people's legs. Of course, he also explained: "For this matter, yesterday I almost died once, died at the hands of a woman." Xiaofeng said: "Her face is transfigured, people simply can not see her true colors, but inadvertently, let me see." To her legs. "Can you recognize those legs now?" "Of course I recognize it." Lu Xiaofeng said, "a man will never forget a leg like that as long as he sees it, especially if it looks like a leg like that." An experienced man like me. His eyes began to stare at Gong Ping's legs again, as if they were completely naked. Since you refuse to tell me the origin of the jade pendant, I have to look at your legs. He asks Gong Ping again: "If I do not put you." How can I see your legs when I take off my pants? Gong Ping did not speak, and now she understood that this crazy Lu Xiaofeng was neither crazy nor drunk, neither. The nymphomaniac wasn't joking either. He was talking about a murder involving a human life, not only a very important person, And a good friend of his. A man like Lu Xiaofeng,disc air diffuser, in this case, as long as he has a clue, he will never let go, Lu Xiaofeng. He had been watching the expression on her face, and then he said, "If you know what I mean, then you should know yours." The trousers must be taken off. This time Gong Ping was not angry,filter nozzle, nor did she mean to fall out. Instead, she said, "Yes, I understand what you mean." If you weren't Lu Xiaofeng, I'm afraid my pants would have been taken off long ago. Lu Xiaofeng, as if he did not believe that this sentence really came out of the woman's mouth. Of course, Gong Ping could see that the expression on his face was different from that just now, so she couldn't help asking him: "Why do you use this?" What kind of look at me? "Because I didn't expect you to be such a reasonable woman." Gong Ping smiled. Women are not all unreasonable, "she told Lu Xiaofeng:" As long as what you say is really reasonable, I am absolutely convinced. Serve. "That would be great, really great." Lu Xiaofeng really felt really happy, in this world can meet a really reasonable woman, rapid sand filters ,lamella tube, is really a ruthless. Pleasant things. So he said to Gong Ping sincerely, "If you can help me find out who killed Liu Chengfeng, I will always be grateful." You "I know." Lu Hsiao-feng, of course, immediately asked, "Where did this jade pendant on your body come from?" He never dreamed that Gong Ping's answer would be exactly the same as just now. He still said, "I don't want to tell you, and I can't tell you." Tell you. Cried Lu Hsiao-feng. "But you just said you were going to help me." "Yes, I said so, and I will do it." Gong Ping said to Lu Xiaofeng in the same beautiful voice as the master of the palace: "According to the present situation, it seems that I can only let You take off my pants. Lu Xiaofeng froze again. He suddenly found that this woman was not the woman he had first seen, and at this time, she seemed to have changed. Seventy or eighty times, sometimes he became very unruly, sometimes he was very reasonable, sometimes like an old woman, sometimes like a little fox. When Lu Xiaofeng first saw her, she only felt that this woman had nothing to attract him at all. This woman's greatest strength is to fix men, so no matter what kind of man sees her, he should run away quickly. The death of a child. But now Lu Xiaofeng's feeling is completely different. If a woman can change herself many times in a very short time, she can also make a man like Lu Xiaofeng. My feelings for her have completely changed. What kind of woman is this woman? "None of you have seen her, so I can assure you that you will never guess," Lu said to his friend later. What kind of woman she is. This person is really a little different from other women, perhaps more than a little. So she actually said in a tone that seemed to feel sorry for Lu Xiaofeng: "Lu Xiaofeng, I know you already ten years ago." Famous all over the world, besides your flying skill and your two fingers, your fame in women is also very big. Spoon. "Because everyone thinks you are a man who knows women very well," said Gong Ping. She sighed. "But me." Now I know that you don't know much more about women than an ordinary man. Lu Xiaofeng's four eyebrows look a little upside down, if we use the six words "blowing beard and staring eyes" to describe him. What it looks like now is by no means too much. It's not too much for him to be like this now. He had never heard a woman say such a thing in front of him in his life. Gong Ping, however, went on to say, "I know you must be unconvinced. How could Lu Xiaofeng, who has experienced hundreds of battles, not be convinced?" Untie a woman. Her voice suddenly became full of sympathy: "But you really do not understand women, I do not lie to you, otherwise." You would never do that to me. Lu Xiaofeng couldn't help asking her: "What did I do to you?"? What Gong Ping said was something that no man could refute. She said, "When I refuse to die, how can you do anything?" The plan wants me to believe that you will certainly take off my pants: "Fu Ping said:" I believed, because I am a very reasonable person,disc air diffuser, moreover. I think you have a point. Lu Xiaofeng seemed to hear herself say vaguely: "I am very reasonable." "That's why I'm willing to let you take it off now, and you seem to have forgotten about it." Gong Ping also imitated Lu Xiaofeng to shake her head and sigh with a smile. "What do you mean?" She asked Lu Xiaofeng: "Have you ever thought what an insult it is to a woman?" This statement can not be refuted by any man. What should be done is not done, and what should not be done is done instead. What is going on.