The holidays are a fantastic season, but they also have an incredibly challenging issue: how to spend all the gift cards and certificates we receive. Most of us accumulate at least a few cards, some of which need to meet our daily use needs. Rather than letting them go to waste, here’s how to trade your gift card and unlock the hidden value.

Evaluate Your Options

The initial action is to examine what type and amount of cards you hold. After that, find out what these cards are worth through online stores or places that resell cards. Some websites, such as Raise, CardCash, and GiftCardGranny, can show the list of cards and the prices so that you can sell the cards there. In most cases, the card can be worth 70% to 90% of its face value, which is a far more decent return than just hanging on to it unused.

Trade Your Gift Card for Cash

En-cashing your present certificate is as easy as a piece of cake, especially if you do it online. Next, the release sites will offer a purchase price and the required equipment. It is usually mail the card or go to the website. Next, they will pay you through a check, direct deposit, or online wallet. You can reap the rewards of this shifting paradigm where instead of directly handing out cash, you get 70-90% more value from the card.

Trade Your Gift Card for a Different Card

One of the options is that you could participate in the trading of your unwanted gift card for one that you’ll probably use. Portals such as Card Kangaroo and Cardpool allow users to swap their cards by sending the original or entering the details online. This would be useful if you have a card that applies in a store you do not visit but need one to be used in a shop you see all the time.

Donate Your Gift Card

Lastly, consider donating your unwanted gift card to charity. If you do not need cash, many charitable organizations will even accept card contributions that they can utilize to buy their much-needed material supplies or offer assistance. This grants you the privilege to swap your gift card in support of worthy causes and might even help you claim a tax deduction.


Whether you go with one or the other, it is essential to play continuously. At times, the c may be time-consuming, but the result of hidden savings will be unlocked. With this in mind, you will be sure of receiving exactly the amount you intend to receive in your wallet or a box from any reliable, legitimate charitable organization.