In the united kingdom, social media managers make about £36,815 per year on average [1]. This figure represents salaries reported by glassdoor users in the uk and reflects the midpoint of a range between the 25th and 75th percentile. As a social media manager, you may have an opportunity to earn more through bonuses, a profit-sharing program, or commission. Another major consideration is how well the tool can adapt to changes in your social media planning. Does it have a built-in editor in case you decide to create more visual content?

In fact, 43% of business owners use social media-sourced data for all of their business decisions. But the right platforms for your brand depend on who you’re trying to reach. Understanding your audience is the bedrock of successful social media management.

Social media has become a key marketing area thanks to its ability to reach and capture customers while learning more about their needs, desires, and frustrations. Companies, brands, non-profits, government officials, celebrities, and more have accounts to communicate directly with followers. This means working as a social media manager can lead to a variety of fields. Publishing is one of the most vital aspects of social media management, so you need a tool to simplify the process.

These tools help you manage multiple social media accounts with a single software solution, and they also allow you to easily keep track of what's happening around your brand. Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool with powerful publishing features. It comes with a visual calendar to plan out your content and easily fill gaps. If you ever run out of things to post, you can use the tool to generate an endless stream of content ideas. The tool even provides suggestions on the best time to post so you can schedule your posts for the highest engagement.

As a social media manager, your specific responsibilities will depend on the size of your company. Whether or not you can get by with totally free social media management software really depends on your business’s size and scope. For solo businesses and up-and-coming agencies, free or freemium tools might serve as a stepping stone toward paid ones. A core aspect of social media management is being able to track and engage with relevant conversions. So you need a tool with social listening capabilities to monitor specific keywords and tags in addition to brand mentions. When investing in a new tool for your business, you want something that adds value to your marketing tech stack.

It should integrate TikTok Manager with all the major networks so you can manage them all in one place. Through its local seo tool, businesses will be able to grow foot traffic and web traffic. You can even manage customer reviews and feedback right within the dashboard.