If you have enough space in your house to set up a special place for your realistic sex doll (or if you think your doll always makes you feel comfortable), then a full-size realistic sex doll is definitely worth considering. Second, you should decide on the size and weight of the realistic sex doll you want to buy.

A topic that has been receiving more and more attention lately is the use of realistic sex dolls. The term "sex doll" is being used to cover a range of objects, from life-saving latex dolls with limited functionality to new and more interactive "sex robots". While we believe there are many applications for the products we offer, we are sometimes struck by the impact some of our customers have had on their lives.

His wife also spoke about her husband and thick sex doll, claiming that her husband has no problems using realistic TPE thick sex dolls. She said, "For couples, I think the introduction of dolls can help as long as there is trust and mutual respect in the relationship." Users can adjust the doll's personality up or down to suit their tastes.