Although Ghum Hai KisiKey Pyaar Mein Written Update he recovers he is still angry with savi. Later, surekha's brother, mukul, and his wife apsara visit the bhosales to attend surekha and yashwant's 35th wedding anniversary. Anvi was anxious seeing mukul as he used to molest her in her childhood due to which she gets scared of him. Later, anvi tells the entire truth to savi about her childhood and savi decides to expose him in front of the family. Savi exposes him and mukul gets thrown out of the house. Reeva returns, expressing her feelings to ishaan, who harshly rejects her.

Officer asks why is he defending his wife and not other students and warns him to stay away from the case as his presence or justification may get savi into more trouble. He asks him not to be seen in the premises at all till the case is solved. Officer returns to students and hears from durva’s friend that savi was accused of cheating earlier and proved it wrong with her influence. Officer says it means savi is a repeat offender who repeats her mistake.

The doctor says that everyone except for harini has died in the blast. Savi is heartbroken and goes to confront samruddh for killing her family, and he reveals that ishaan is to be blamed, but she doesn't believe him. Samruddh inadvertently admits to his crimes in front of the police force who are present there, sealing his and his father, mandar's, fates. Sai consults the doctors, and they advise her to take satya to germany. Later, sai visits chavan's house for the last time and leave for the airport.

He says that they have to just keep their devotion. These actors have been roped in to play crucial roles in ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin serial post leap. Manasi salvi has returned to ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin as isha bhosale. She spoke about being away from the show and revealed if she knows about the leap.

In nagpur, virat chavan becomes an officer and is posted at gadchiroli. The local politician's son and goon, jagtap, falls into a one-sided love with sai and harasses her. Jagtap tries to kill kamal in order to marry sai. On topping 12th exam in maharashtra state, sai requests her father to take retirement and move to nagpur.

But he blames sai for his condition and requests that the police release shruti from all charges. Virat plans a trip to mahabaleshwar to celebrate their marriage anniversary. But he lies to sai and the chavan family that this trip is an official one. Virat narrates a fake love story to sai, but the yoga instructor interrupts them and speaks about virat-pakhi's love story. Sai becomes agitated as she thinks virat was telling pakhi and his love story which could not be completed due to her. They argue over their anniversary celebration and sai leaves.

The whole family faces the media trial, but ishaan faces it and accepts surekha as his mother. Sai takes savi and vinayak to lonavla for an outing and meets sahiba kaur monga, an artist during a social gathering and tells her story to her. Sai gets a job in a hospital in nagpur and meets sahiba again and work together. Later, a patient kidnaps savi and vinayak and keeps them in his custody. On hearing this, pakhi falls unconscious and her health deteriorates.

Bhavani then shocks everyone by apologizing to devyani. However, when ashwini asks pulkit to take blessings from bhavani, she objects to it. Virat chimes in to convince bhavani about pulkit saying that he loves devyani a lot.

Ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin actress bhavika sharma opened up about the leap in the show. She said that she is nervous about the audience reaction. Bhavani decides to get savi's marriage done as soon as possible. The chavans are now not well-off as bhavani has sold off the chavan mansion in order to fund vinayak's college education and has now relocated to ramtek. Ninad is afflicted with alzheimers, and the chavans keep him away from the fact that sai and virat are no longer alive.

The police department suspends virat for bigamy. To save virat's job and reputation, sai asks for a divorce and submits backdated divorce papers to the police department. Sada is still alive and learns of shruti's affair with virat, so he kidnaps sai and asks shruti to return. Virat is injured in a landmine blast while rescuing sai and the police arrest shruti and sada for their crimes. Sai arranges a life-saving injection for virat, and he regains consciousness.