City Defense Strategies

In the whiteout survival game, protecting your city is crucial for its survival. Here are some key strategies to defend your city effectively:

  1. Strengthen Your Defenses: Enhance your city's defenses by building strong walls, defensive structures, and setting up traps to deter potential attackers.

  2. Form Alliances: Forge alliances with other players to create a network of mutual protection. Having allies can provide crucial support during times of attack.

  3. Resource Management: Manage your resources wisely to ensure your city has enough provisions to withstand sieges and attacks. Stockpile essential resources and keep them well-protected.

  4. Scout for Threats: Constantly scout the surroundings for potential threats. Stay vigilant and be prepared to counter any impending attacks.

  5. Develop Military Strength: Build a formidable army and train skilled troops to defend your city. Having a strong military force is essential for repelling enemy assaults.

By implementing these strategies, you can fortify your city and safeguard it from hostile incursions, ensuring its prosperity and longevity in the challenging whiteout environment.

The first step in ensuring the survival of your city during a whiteout is fortifying the barricade, which serves as the primary defense structure. Strengthening the barricade is critical for the city's defense and requires a significant allocation of resources.

In addition to allocating resources, it is imperative to upgrade the furnace to specific levels. For instance, reaching barricade level 5 necessitates furnace level 16.

Enhancing the barricade not only deters potential intruders from breaching the walls but also minimizes the risk of the city being completely engulfed in flames. It is vital to prevent the city from being entirely burnt, as this would result in an automatic teleportation to a random location on the map, and obtaining teleportation items is no easy feat.

Furthermore, it is advisable to deploy your most formidable heroes to guard the barricade. Utilize a whiteout survival tier list to identify the most suitable heroes for the city's defense.

To assign heroes to the barricade defense, access the barricade and select the "city defense" option. Choose your strongest heroes for each unit type from the three available hero slots at the top, and then save your selections.

It is crucial to enhance the city's defense by upgrading the storehouse. This structure not only expands the capacity for storing resources but also acts as a shield to safeguard them.

Upgrading the storehouse is vital as it prevents attackers from looting your resources if the amount stored is at or below the protection level. To monitor this, simply tap on the storehouse building and choose the "details" option to view the protection amount.

Ensuring the storehouse is upgraded is imperative in safeguarding a larger quantity of resources from enemy raids.

Researching defensive technologies is a critical aspect of strengthening your troops in any gameplay mode, be it PVE or PVP. It is imperative to prioritize the enhancement of troop defense alongside offensive capabilities.

Investing in defensive technologies is beneficial as it significantly reduces the damage inflicted on your troops during battle, thereby minimizing the risk of severe casualties. The initial focus should be on exploring defensive formations, shield upgrades, survival techniques, and special defensive training, which are typically situated on the left side of the battle tech tree within the research center building.

These defensive techs come in various levels and types, denoted as 1, 2, 3, and so forth, and play a pivotal role in fortifying your troops' resilience on the battlefield.

The infirmary building is crucial for the recovery of your injured troops. By upgrading this building, you can expedite the healing process for your wounded troops and also increase the maximum capacity for severely injured troops. It's vital to keep the number of severely wounded troops within the infirmary's capacity to prevent any loss of troops.

Researching the ward expansion and bandaging technologies under the growth tech tree can further enhance the capacity and healing speed of your infirmary.

Joining a powerful alliance is essential for safeguarding your city in whiteout survival. Alliance membership provides access to additional resources that can be utilized to bolster your city's defense and offers various other advantages.

One significant benefit of being part of an alliance is the establishment of a no aggression pact (NAP) among the top alliances on most servers. This pact ensures that the top alliances refrain from attacking each other, their farm accounts, or farm alliances, providing a layer of security for your city.

City Protection and Defensive Strategies

To safeguard your city during whiteout survival, city protection shields are essential. They serve as a crucial defense mechanism against raids by other players and ensure the safety of your resources, especially when you are offline.

In this game, you are provided with 5 free 8-hour protection shields, which can be used regularly. However, it's important to note that these free shields have a 7-day cooldown period. Therefore, it's imperative to use them strategically to maintain complete protection for your city.

Furthermore, you have the option to acquire individual protection shields through missions and events, or they can be purchased using gems. These shields come in varying durations such as 2 hours, 8 hours, and 24 hours. Notably, the 24-hour protection shield can be obtained for 4800 gems.

To access protection shields, navigate to the city bonus menu. This can be done by selecting the "city bonus" option after tapping your city on the world map view. Alternatively, you can access it by tapping the upward-pointing arrow located below your avatar.

To enhance the survival chances of your formations against enemy attacks, it is essential to strengthen your military units. There are two primary methods to bolster your troops' power in this game.

The first approach involves upgrading the military unit buildings, namely the infantry camp, lancer camp, and marksman camp. This enables the unlocking of higher troop tiers and the training of more formidable units.

The second method is through troop promotion, which enhances the statistics and tiers of your existing units. This functionality becomes accessible once any of the mentioned buildings are upgraded to level 13.

Upon its availability, you can select a lower-tier unit and tap the green arrow as indicated in the image above. Subsequently, adjust the slider to specify the number of units for promotion and then select "promotion".

To ensure the safety of your city in whiteout survival, there are various defensive strategies you can employ. One effective method is to utilize defensive boosts available in the city bonus menu.

One of these defensive boosts is the "counter-recon" item, which shields your city from being scouted by other players. This is particularly beneficial for concealing your resources from rivals, especially during player versus player (PvP) activities. The "counter-recon" item comes in three variants with durations of 2 hours, 8 hours, and 24 hours. The 24-hour variant, which offers the most protection, can be obtained for 4,800 gems.

Another valuable defensive boost is the "troops defense" item, which enhances the defense of your troops. There are two variants available for this boost. The first variant, with a duration of 2 hours, provides a 10% increase in troop defense and costs 2,000 gems. The second variant, lasting 12 hours, offers a 20% increase in troop defense, but comes at a higher cost of 20,000 gems.

In addition to utilizing defensive boosts, it is advisable to have a few random teleporters on hand. These teleporters allow you to relocate your city to a random location on your server's map, serving as a last line of defense against potential threats.

Whiteout Survival Frost Star: Usage and Acquisition

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