Reviews of InsideAIML Compiled from One Thousand Students: 9 out of 10 Students Experience Favorable Career Development

InsideAIML, India's Most Loved EdTech Major, has reached a new milestone in its aim to provide its learners with good career growth.

Learners can expect positive career growth in 90% of cases. Nevis Software, an AI-led software company, has analyzed the results provided by InsideAIML. This is based on the student feedback that InsideAIML received (data collected from 1,000 learners who participated in various InsideAIML courses between March 19 and March 22).

According to the Chief Technical Officer of InsideAIML, Vikram Baker, "I see that a lot of EdTech companies offer thirty to fifty different diplomas and certifications, but they sacrifice quality due to a large number of students." Therefore, here at InsideAIML, we only concentrate on artificial intelligence (AI) programs and strive to provide our students with the highest possible level of instruction. Our students are the first in the business to acquire actual job experience and participate in live project work with an operating company such as Our students can learn while they are working, and as a result, this system results in higher placements and greater satisfaction with the courses.

"InsideAIML has helped me update my skills from a standard L2 Support engineer to sophisticated python-based skills backed by algorithms of Machine Learning," stated Jyoti Kumari, a graduate of the InsideAIML program. I would like to express my gratitude to InsideAIML, in particular for the job support that was offered after the completion of the course. This was important in securing my current position at Ericsson.

Jyoti was able to secure a position at Ericsson as a senior associate when she graduated from her data science program and joined the organization. She came from a background that was not related to technology and had no previous employment experience.

According to what she said, "You can access the course information on your phone or tablet, which is a huge benefit for students who want to learn while They've got to get going; the clock is ticking. So, I signed up for the Masters in Artificial Intelligence Job Guarantee Program.  My instructor, Saurabh Mirgane, possessed a wealth of information and was very capable. He explained complicated topics in a way that was very easy to understand. He brought in instances from the real world as well as the business sector to demonstrate his ideas. InsideAIML is a great resource for anyone who is considering making a career change into artificial intelligence or data science.

An alumnus of InsideAIML named Akshendra Singh Thakur remarked that the company's live online classes are of exceptional quality. The programs offered by InsideAIML are the most effective ones for learning the fundamentals of AI and ML. They provide good lesson plans as well as a curriculum that is organized very well. Additionally, Akshendra was enrolled in a Master's Program in Artificial Intelligence that offered a 100% Job Guarantee.

There are hundreds of success stories like Jyoti and Akshendra's, who have revolutionized their careers through the Master in AI Program, which is coordinated with

Ankit Roy, Senior Data Scientist at InsideAIML, said, "Since our inception, we've been focused on developing a robust online pedagogy backed by solid placement support to develop a competent workforce that is not only ready for the demands of today's market but also prepared to meet future problems." This statement was made to develop a workforce that is not only ready for the demands of today's market but also prepared to meet problems in the future. As a consequence, the results of this evaluation inspire us to fulfill our commitment to deliver excellent possibilities for the students' further professional development.

"In addition, each class requires a significant amount of your time, and you will be asked to do activities like watching video content, taking part in discussions, etc. in online discussions, completing online quizzes and case studies, attending in-person exams, and working on practical projects. If you do so, however, you will not only be guaranteed a very good work placement but you will also be guaranteed very good pay."