"If the Dharma Master doesn't use his sword," he said in a loud voice, "we will ask the Dharma Master for advice with our left sword." Most of the people who watched the battle clamored, and they dared to hear that the master really did not use soldiers, so Shule Guoshi had a sword in his left hand. However, take advantage of Mo Da. However, this is just a general view, when the martial arts are refined to the realm of these two people on the stage, if it is Specializing in refining hands, although it is a pair of meat palms, in fact, there is no loss to eat. The first point is that his hands must have strange and powerful kungfu, and he must be able to perform it empty-handed. The second point is that although he is not as long as his opponent when he is empty-handed, he can reach far regardless of the strength of his fist and palm, and there is no difference between far and near. In addition to these two reasons, plus both sides are super masters, there must be a gap in order to take advantage of it. Enter, unlike ordinary masters, who have the method of fighting hard. Therefore, if Shule Guoshi's skill and attainments are the same as those of Guangwen Master, If he relies on the sword in his hand to attack hard, he is bound to be the first casualty in the hands of the other side. Shule Guoshi knew that most people did not understand this, so he did not take the noise of the people to heart at all. He raised his sword to urge the sword to move. Attack fiercely and test the depth of the other side first. This sword gas is a hundred times more powerful than other people's sword straight chop,65 inch touch screen, so the skill is slightly worse. Shi, eat such a sword gas through the body, immediately have to fall dead. Master Guangwen drew a circle with his hand, and between understatement, it has been resolved. The sharp sword of the other side. However, the Shaolin master clenched his fist with his right hand and used a "black tiger to steal the heart" to fight back. This move of boxing is ordinary. Most people who have practiced a few martial arts don't know anything about it. But in fact, they all saw a scene that they had never dreamed of. It turned out that the source of Master Guangwen's fist was unexpectedly called by the strong wind. The roar is so powerful that people are shocked. Especially such an uneventful punch, due to the precise timing and position of the pinch,65 inch smart board, unexpectedly Hidden in the back of countless wonderful tricks, a school of opportunity and the scene. All the people in the audience were shocked by such a magical way of turning corruption into magic. They sincerely admired and cheered together. If thunder. Shule Guoshi turned sideways to avoid his fist, and his long sword in his left hand vibrated, and seven or eight sword flowers appeared. He stepped on the strange door and went to the extreme. The counterattack is extremely insidious. As soon as Master Guangwen waved his sleeves, they turned into countless sleeve shadows and closed the door tightly. And inside the sleeve shadow, But see both hands suddenly fist suddenly palm, make a gesture to attack. The two sides each use fantastic and exquisite techniques to quickly attack and dismantle, come and go, fight fiercely and compactly, and make strange moves one after another, such as colorful. Colorful and dazzling. All of a sudden, the two sides had fought for more than thirty moves, but Master Guangwen's wonderful moves emerged one after another. It's all about The most exquisite and exquisite tactics offset the dangerous and poisonous characteristics of the opponent's left hand sword. The sound of shouts, deafening, all eyes, are focused on the ring, smartboard for business ,touch screen whiteboard, and no one is even willing to blink. Blink, so as not to miss. Only Duanmufu did not look at the stage, as if he could detect the battlefield just by listening to the sound of shouting around. The situation in the world has changed generally. Master Guangwen suddenly raised his eyebrows, and his kind and smooth expression disappeared completely, replaced by a solemn and solemn school. The weather. His moves also suddenly changed greatly, but when he saw the chain of fists, his moves were all the hard fighting tactics of stepping on the palace and going to Hongmen. That's strong The sound of his fist breaking through the air was not drowned out by the noise of the crowd, from which we can imagine how powerful his fist was. Here we go! Shule Guoshi narrowed the circle of the sword a lot at this time. On the one hand, he sent out his right palm from time to time, protecting his whole body with unusual caution. Rao Shiru At this time, he was still forced to retreat step by step by the opponent's fists that destroyed the mountains and shook the mountains. The audience was even more excited, and many of them shouted themselves hoarse, consuming more energy than the people on the stage. Duanmufu's eyes were full of sorrow, and she kept looking at the dock. Suddenly saw a slight commotion, the original is a group of people rushed to the dock, crowded. To the pontoon entrance. Zong Xuan, Kulian, Ye Benming, Wang Ping and other four masters guarding this pass were immediately alarmed and checked in a twinkling of an eye. But he saw four kendo Taoists hugging an old Taoist with a beard and hair like snow and a strange appearance, and he wanted to rush to the pontoon bridge. Master Withered Lotus First of all, with a wave of robe sleeves, a strong internal force gushed out to block it. Who would have thought that when this internal force met those Taoists, it was like Mud cow sea, without a trace. And the other side seems to be completely unaware of it. Zong Xuan intercepts horizontally, Wang Ping also flies two from the double sleeve. A multicolored poisonous snake, red letters are spitting. Taoist people can't help but stop. Ye Benming said in a deep voice, "You can't be rude. This Taoist is Cheng Shouque, the master of the Wudang Sect." Zong Xuan and others all stopped the momentum of blocking. The old Taoist with white hair and beard was naturally Cheng Shouque. He asked four people. A Taoist on his right opened his mouth and said, "Why did you fellow Taoists block the way?" Ye Benming said, "We have been ordered to guard this road. The reason why we are safe is really unknown. I'm sorry I can't tell you. Naturally, it won't be special." It was intended to stop Cheng Zhenren. Zong Xuan said, "Old Cheng, as a real person, is naturally a figure that all the heroes in the world are eager to welcome.". But military orders are like mountains. "If I'm waiting here to plead guilty, I'll have to ask Miss Duanmu for instructions." Master Kulian's cold voice went on to say, "Miss Duanmu has instructed Brother Cheng Dao to go on stage alone." The four Dharma Protectors of the Wudang Sect all changed color. Instead, Cheng Shou-que motioned for them to shut up, very politely and slowly. "In that case," he said, "I'll go by myself. You four can stay here." Because of the fierce battle at this time, even the leader of a big faction in Wulin did not cross the pontoon bridge. People see. The masters on the floating platform seemed a little agitated when they saw the real head of Wudang coming. They all came to talk politely. Duanmufu And having made a complaint to him, he looked again straight up to the wharf. Sure enough, she didn't waste her time. In this time, there were Ge Lan, the head of the Emei Sect, and the head of the Wuji Sect Yuezhong, the leader of Kongtong Sect, Mianyunshan people, Wu Ling, the leader of North Mangjiao, Gao Jin,smartboards for business, the head of Baihe Sect, and Li Bomian, the master of Taiji Sect. Six people appeared one after another. These characters are all the leaders of the major schools in Wulin today. They are so famous that almost everyone knows about them. All have the same name under the door. hsdsmartboard.com