He did not shy away from calling the prince directly in front of the two people, and should have guessed that they already knew the identity of the prince. And he is half a scholar, very respectful cloud shallow, respectfully called her "young lady", Kang Yong Hou Fu's young lady. Cloud shallow some want to laugh. Thanks? Poisoning her third brother's horse to threaten them, this is the reward for the benefactor? "You're welcome. We had a deal." There is no trace of emotion in the shallow voice of the cloud. Also said: "Also, this matter I can guarantee that my side of the people will not leak out, I hope you do not hurt my third brother and Zhiyuan, do not hurt the people in the house." The smile on Szeto Feng's lips was even stronger. This woman only pleads for others, but she hasn't thought about herself. In fact, it's not that Yunqian is a good person, she just feels that she's not easy to kill. What worries her most now is that Jiayi Houfu will be involved in the storm of "seizing the throne". Szeto Feng recognized her voiceover and said, "I don't know much about the court, but I often hear the prince say that as long as you stand in line." "But," he asked, unable to restrain his curiosity, "why don't you plead for yourself? Aren't you afraid we'll kill you? "If you want to kill a girl, you have to go through the old slave first." When Mammy Xu saw that Yunqian was threatened, she snorted coldly, and behind them there was the Jiuhua Palace. Cloud shallow did not admit, also do not deny, the eye is curved very good-looking. Suddenly,ultrasonic extraction cbd, she moved, not toward the wind, but toward the tree, her speed is very fast, like a butterfly in the night, only to see a white shadow flashed past, and then flew back. This time, her target is Szeto Feng. Szeto Feng frowned and watched the clouds enlarge in his eyes,ultrasonic molten metal, but he did not move. Cloud shallow flashed to the front, sleeve with cloak in front of him stroked, did not touch him, feet gently on the tiles, back. This process, only under two breaths, is surprisingly fast. Even Mammy Xu's mind was a little shaken. Yunqian's flying skill is a little faster than the last time they competed with the sword. Mammy Xu soon smiled again. She was proud of Yunqian. Mammy Xu grew up in the Jiuhua Palace. Her thinking was different from that of a woman in a deep house. She thought that a woman in a deep house was too delicate. When she was bullied, she didn't even have the courage to resist. The cloud smiled and said, "Master Situ, look in your arms." Szeto Feng was stunned for a moment. He touched his chest with his hand. There was really something. He took it out and looked at it. It was a leaf. It was the leaf on the dark tree at night. At this time, the mold is still a little cold in the hand. When did you put it on him? This is Szeto Feng's first reaction. His heart was filled with horror. Although Situ Feng is gentle and elegant, he looks like a scholar who has no strength to tie a chicken. However, as the little shopkeeper of Shun'an Medicine Shop, and the prince's secret right-hand man, he learned martial arts at an early age, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and his martial arts were not under the prince's personal bodyguard. And when the cloud approached shallowly, he was on guard all the time, but he didn't find out when to put the leaves on his body. What does the young lady mean by that? Szeto Feng asked. It's not interesting. In fact, I can put the leaves on Szeto Childe. It's also a little trick. Szeto Childe doesn't have to worry. Yun Shandao. Szeto Feng was silent. The implication of the other side is modesty, but in fact it has another deep meaning-warning. With this flying skill and medical skill, you can do a lot of things quietly. For example, assassination. More like, poisoning. Szeto Feng frowned more deeply and looked at his mother beside Yunqian. If he came with a murderous look today, not only did he not get any benefit, but he was afraid that when he escaped, he would be all over. The young lady's flying skill is very good. Szeto Feng pressed down the horror in his heart. Yunqian knew that he was a wise man and should understand what he wanted to express. She pretended not to know and said with a smile, "Thank you for your praise. If there's nothing else, Mr. Situ, please go back. There won't be a fifth person on our side who knows about the prince." Szeto Feng nodded his head and said, "Actually, I've come here today. I have one more thing to tell the young lady. We'll send more people to look for the medicinal materials you need. There will be news next spring." "Thank you, and thank the prince for me." Cloud shallow also not affectation, she knows this must have the order of the prince, otherwise with the character of Szeto wind, is to take a chance, will not be specific to the time. Mammy Hsu stood out and made a "please" gesture, saying, "Mr. Situ, please go back. ” Szeto Feng hesitated. In the past two days, people have investigated Yunqian 7788. Yunqian lived like an ordinary boudoir woman before she was disfigured, and even her virtue was not very good. After two months of disfigurement and dormancy, differences began to emerge. Such as medical skills, martial arts. He wanted to ask her how to stop the prince's bleeding, as well as the acupuncture method for stroke taken from Zhong Taiyi, the theory of several dead points, and the expensive prescription. I finally held back. This is for you. Szeto Feng took out a bag of things from his bosom, threw it to Yunqian, and retreated into the darkness. Chapter 45 poisoning. Before Szeto Feng left, he threw a bag of things at Yunqian. "Mammy Xu was worried about a hidden weapon, so she caught it before the clouds were shallow. When she opened it, she saw a bag of golden needles, glittering in the starlight." Girl, it's a bag of golden needles. Mammy Xu was somewhat puzzled and gave it to Yunqian. Cloud shallow also is do not know whether to laugh or cry, he is to investigate oneself very clearly. However, he would not know that with her improvement, she would not need to use these things in the future. Yunqian asked Mammy Xu to put it away and went back. Snow kite is still sleeping, cloud shallow did not wake her up, back clothes and shoes, and sitting on the bed to practice. When he got up in the morning, the snow kite said that he had a strange dream at night, dreaming that there was a fairy talking on the roof. Yunqian giggled and said that he had slept soundly and had no dreams. After paying his respects to the old lady and talking with her for a while, they came back for breakfast. Yunqian wanted Mammy Xu to tell Yun Rongbin what happened last night, but thinking that she would go to see her aunt today and meet Yun Rongbin, she didn't let her go to that effort in vain. At breakfast,ultrasonic dispersion machine, Yun Rongbin came, as if in a hurry, running over. fycgsonic.com