"Speaking of which mercenary regiment does Mr. Yongye belong to?" It's hard for Tyre to imagine being a mercenary soldier in the night. The most important thing is a cat. It looks very strange. Didn't you realize that Rachel's mentor wasn't there? "Is it the Tianzhao Mercenary Corps?" "Yes, it's just that Mr. Yongye always likes to work alone, so he seldom acts collectively with the Amaterasu Mercenary Corps." Constance's words made Tyre suddenly realize that it was no wonder that he, who used to be a member of the Moon Sea, met the Amaterasu mercenary regiment but did not see the figure of the Yongye teacher. All right, let's do this first. I have something to go to the news department later. You can chat slowly. With that, Constance picked up his plate and left. I also have a club activity at the Night Ball in the evening, so I can't go back together. Eight cloud Xiaoqi was Kang Shiding such a reminder, also suddenly said. Kludd also shrugged his shoulders. "Then I'll go to the Magic Ball Department to take part in a friendly match, otherwise I'll be a little lazy." As for Diz, he usually has nothing to do but practice, but because he is not on the way with Tyr. So when school was over, Tyre was the only one who went out of the gate of Yusheng Building. Speaking of it, it seems that he has never joined any club, but he is more troublesome, so he would rather lie in bed in a daze than do any club activities. However, the opportunity is rare, it is better to take advantage of the afternoon to have time to see everyone's movements. Tyr thought and picked up the magic sound stone and began to dial the first frequency. "Hello?"? Is it Kanawa? "Mr. Tyre, what's the matter?" "Suddenly there was an extra gentleman behind Tyre, which made me a little uncomfortable." "Let me respect you, it is my own will." "Well.." It is up to you Tyr asked with a sigh. "Where are you now?" "Now?"? Ready for a big fight in the underground arena of the Demon Zone. "Oh?"! It's really a good thing to hone your physique. I'll come to see you later and tell you the address. Is Mr. Tyre coming? Okay, I'm in the underground arena at number four on Mercury Street. It should be easy to find. With that,ultrasonic dispersion machine, Tyre hung up the phone and took the flying train to the Magic Zone. Speaking of, the last time the Demon Zone was changed beyond recognition by those monsters, almost half of the buildings collapsed, but now it has only been a long time, it has taken on a new look, as if the previous events had not happened. After following the position to Mercury Street, some students first rushed to sign, although Tyre did not remember how many times he had signed, but he did not mean to refuse people, they signed one by one in the past. Seven Hundred Thirteen After School in Tyre Two Entering the underground arena, the environment here is still so unique, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic generator driver, accompanied by a unique salty smell, there is a sound of fighting on the ring. At a glance, Tyre saw Kanawa holding down a strong student in the nearby ring. The short blade in his hand was so swift that he could defeat the man in front of him without even using his body. Tyre thought that Kanawa might be stronger than the Iron Sword of Shating now. This was still the state of Kanawa without a golem. If he became a golem, Tyre felt that he was no match for him. I really don't know whether it's a blessing in disguise or a blessing in disguise. Moreover, since the minions of Tharthas were killed by the president and the laboratory where the Duchy of Tiphimia made the Golem Potion was destroyed, I'm afraid Kanawa is the last Golem owner living in this world. It's kind of cool to think about it that way. Bang, with a fist bump, Canavadon knocked the strong man out of the ring and won applause from the audience around him. Canava glanced around and immediately found Tyre's position. He nodded slightly to the other side, and this action immediately attracted a large crowd of onlookers. When they looked carefully, they suddenly remembered that this was the legendary figure, Tyr! It is said that he can even kill the emperor, and he already has enough terrible strength to match Caesar. "Oh, junior Tyre, can I fight you?"? I heard that you are so strong that I want to experience it. "There are always people who love fighting who will make this kind of invitation without thinking at all. Tyre wants to refuse, but in this case, if he retreats without a fight, it looks like a coward. Kanawa is here, too. At least, he can't let himself be too cheap.". This is the power of the crowd. If Tyre were not famous, he would be barefoot and not afraid to wear shoes, and he would be able to fight without shame. But now that he is a public figure, if he retreats here, I am afraid that there will be a lot of publicity, embellishment, and in the end it will be even more annoying. The main person who embellishes it is probably Constance. All right, go up. Tyr said and jumped into the ring without hesitation. The man who invited Tyr to compete was equally happy. He was suspended in the void and easily landed on the ring. Being able to fly in the air is the symbol of the son of heaven. It was not particularly difficult for Tyre to be angry and fight against the emperor. At this time, most of the people in the field took out the camera stone and wanted to record the battle. This also includes Kanawa. The young man standing opposite Tyre thought for a moment and suddenly asked. "Right junior, can not use the body, I think your body is too strange and terrible, I am afraid I can not touch you will be defeated, so." Think of it as giving me a break. This statement is too scoundrel. But since this is an underground arena, it really should try to challenge the limits, so Tyre readily agreed. But he was absolutely not happy to be beaten, so when it came to the moment of danger, he would still use his body to escape. In this way, a battle between the level of Qi and the level of Tianzi began,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and the most important warrior of Qi and level was not allowed to use his body. If the news gets out, it will probably make most people laugh their heads off. But they might have been relieved to hear that the warrior of the air and rank was called Tyr. The young man struck first, and the bandaged fist in his hand was immediately waved with his posture. fycgsonic.com