Huang Shu-ying's expression came back to life and she said contemptuously, "If you find Sikes tomorrow, I'll give you ten thousand." Siqin was overjoyed. She opened her eyes wide and said, "Too much, too much. Thank you, Sister Shuying. Thank you, Sister Shuying." In this way, Siqin's wishful thinking is right. How to say, according to the logic that a friend of a friend is also a friend of his own, then the God of wealth of the woman I want to pick up is also the person I should respect. Well, if you have this kind of consciousness, think what the girl thinks, and be anxious about what the girl is anxious about, you will be able to get the beauty in the end. With a wave of her hand, Huang Shu-ying walked to the door and said, "Wait in the hotel lobby at 8:30 tomorrow morning." I hurried two books ahead of her and opened the door gallantly. Huang Shu-ying suddenly thought of something and turned around and said, "Things are important tomorrow. You two, don't be too late." I bowed and closed the door. Looking back, Siqin's face changed a little. "Who, who wants to *** with him?" She scolded in a low voice. I squinted at her and said with a smile, "Lady, don't be shy." She grabbed a pillow from the bed and threw it at me with all her strength, cursing, "Die!" The pillow hit my arm with a thud, and the fat cat was awakened by the sound and cried out with dignity. I hastened to beg for mercy: "I am wrong, I am wrong, forget you are busking not selling body..." When she wasn't looking, she picked up the pillow that had fallen to the ground and threw it hard! "You!" Siqin was so angry that she grabbed the pillow and rushed over. I jumped into bed and fled to another bed. After a pillow fight, both of them stopped. I sat on the edge of the bed and gasped for breath. She just blushed a little and lowered her head to think about something. Maybe it's the ten thousand yuan windfall,liquid bottle filling machine, or maybe she's worried about the same thing as me? I hesitated for a moment and then said thoughtfully, "You heard it just now. It was Ah Fu who told Huang Shu-ying that Laoliu was hiding here in her hometown.". Do you think this could be a trap? Siqin seemed to have expected me to ask this question. She said with a smile, "Think about it. Ah Fu must know we're here. If it really hurts us, send a killer. Why did you inform Huang Shuying to come?" I frowned and said, "That's true, but I always feel that there is some conspiracy in it." Siqin's eyes suddenly lit up and she said excitedly, "I don't know if there's a conspiracy. I only know that there's ten thousand yuan waiting for me to get it. Well, I'm seven and you're three. Is it fair enough?" I scratched my head and said, "But …" She patted me on the shoulder and said, "Well, you're still a man. Why are you so gutless?"? Don't forget, I know kung fu. Siqin clenched her right fist, paused in front of her, and shouted like Bruce Lee: "Ah!"! For ten thousand yuan! A windfall was just around the corner, and she had made up her mind, bottle blowing machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, so I had to listen to the party and follow it. I comforted myself in my heart that even if I was going to die, I would be accompanied by one and a half beautiful women. In the following time, the two men took turns to take a bath and lay down on the same bed. I leaned against the pillow and vaguely remembered something I hadn't done yet. I got up and unplugged the TV cable, and then I went to sleep at ease. When they got up the next morning, they washed up, dragged the box and led the dog to the elevator entrance. I saw the elevator door open in the distance, and there was a familiar figure inside, facing us sideways. Siqin wondered, "Why did Huang Shu-ying come up?" Look carefully, it is Huang's yaksha loved by the masses. I shrugged my shoulders and headed for the elevator. Huang Shu-ying was facing the control panel, and her right hand was pressing on it, but she hadn't done it for more than ten seconds. "Good morning, Sister Shuying," Siqin said behind her. But Huang Shu-ying was still poking at the control panel, saying to herself, "The elevator is broken." The elevator is broken? I murmured in my heart that it was not her own illness that she could not control her fingers, could it? Her shoulders began to shake, and I guessed correctly that she was angry with her hands again. Siqin and I looked at each other and said softly, "Miss Huang, let me have a look." Huang Shu-ying's shoulders stopped shaking and stood still for three seconds before she slowly turned around. Before I knew it, she slapped me in the face! Subconsciously, I reached out to block it, and unexpectedly, it was easy to grab her wrist. Siqin's voice came from behind, "Why are you beating people?" I could not say a word of complaint, but stared at Huang Shuying's hand. No, it wasn't a hand. It was a bloody piece of meat, like a freshly cut piece of steak. Huang Shu-ying stretched out her identical left hand and touched my face, crying and saying, "Sister, give me back my finger!" "Hey, wake up." I opened my eyes in a daze, and sure enough, a hand was patting my face. I was so shocked that I grabbed the hand as fast as the eMule could download it. Let go! The hand was torn from my clutches, followed by a clattering sound, accompanied by the sun falling. The room suddenly brightened up, and the things in front of me gradually became clear. Who else was standing by the window besides Siqin? Then there was a sudden heat on my face, and then a wet feeling, but it was the fat cat, the little beast, who jumped into bed and licked me. "Why don't you get up and see what time it is?" Said Siqin. Fifty minutes later, we had breakfast and were ready to go in the hotel lobby. The appointed time arrived, but Huang Shuying did not come down. It doesn't matter. If you're not more than ten minutes late, it's beneath your dignity as a woman. By nine o'clock, however, we were getting tired of waiting. I really regret that I didn't ask Huang Shuying's room number last night. Otherwise, it would be better to ask if the guy checked out early and ran away. Just when we were about to break out, Huang Shuying,PET blowing machine, a respectable and lovely rich woman, finally came out of the elevator. Like eunuchs and palace maids, we went up to greet her and finally welcomed her to the parking lot smoothly.