Jinfu exclaimed, "Why should I have no excuse for the crime of desiring a family?"? When Wang Jia's murder happened, my master was outside the Great Wall. The five demons of Changshan have been brought to justice, but you insist that the eagle is the mastermind? The case of the Xu family in Taiyuan was committed by Xu Yantong's daughter-in-law in collusion with her concubine Jiang Haikun. Yang Xu, the head of the Nu Hai Hall in Guiyang, committed fornication. Why not punish him? Later, the Nu Hai Hall itself was in civil strife and fought with each other, causing numerous casualties. You all listened to what Yang Tianci, the leader of the Second Hall, said. What kind of evidence is it that all you rely on is an eagle flag? Hong Guo asked, "Did the Condor provide any evidence at that time?" "What evidence?" Jin Fu roared, "You six sects secretly plan to kill people without even asking questions. How can you have to defend yourself?" "Nonsense," said Mu Mingzi coldly? The former head of this school once said that he would give the eagle a chance to defend himself, but he was so violent that he refused to tell the whole story because he was afraid of sin. Jin Fu roars: "The person is driven to a dead end by you, still ask what crime?"? He said it, and no one will believe it! Because you have already found him guilty, so you will join hands and cheat him to go up the mountain. Why don't you ask him when you meet? He sneered: "Do you find a reason to prevaricate for fear of his escape?"? If you don't believe it twenty years ago, how can you believe it twenty years ago! I He spoke so excitedly that he was injured, spitting blood all over the corners of his mouth, twitching his abdominal muscles painfully, and trembling. "You're just a slave,x70 line pipe," said Jiannanzhou with a sneer. "Your words are very weak. Why didn't Dong Qian say it himself? Is it hard to say? Skyhawk glared coldly at Jiannanzhou and said sternly, "Twenty years ago, you didn't deserve to wash my feet!"! What qualifications do you have to blame the old man? Jiannanzhou sneered, "If such a violent man can do good, I'm afraid the sun will come out in the west!" "Bah!" Jin Fu spat thick phlegm covered with blood: "If I don't answer you, even if I am violent, then what are you?"? Narrow-minded? The words thrown out are sharp and prickly. It's really a big joke to be the head of a faction! "Dog slave," said Jiannanzhou angrily,316 stainless steel plate, "there's no room for you to talk here!"! The master and servant are in cahoots with each other, which is not good material at all. Mu Yangzi drinks coldly: "Old man!"! If you want to use your tongue, just stand aside. Now you are interrogating Dong Qian's crime. You can give good evidence. It's useless to make irresponsible remarks. "Who is making irresponsible remarks?" Jin Fu said angrily, "What strong evidence can you find?"? As soon as I find one, I will decide myself on the spot. Who would have thought that the old accounts of twenty years ago would be brought up again? And at that time, the six sects also acted in secret, leaving no evidence, and the only living witness Yang Tianci has passed away, how can there be other evidence? This matter has troubled the people. "If you can't produce any evidence, you can't commit any crime," said Jinfu sternly. "Unless you're blindfolded, blind, and blindly penetrating your heart and lungs, what you're doing is a bloody and shameful thing!" Xiao Dao, they couldn't help cheering for Jin Fu's words. The crowd was silent for a while. Jiannanzhou suddenly sneered, 347 stainless steel ,x70 line pipe, "Don't be complacent, old slave!"! It can be said that there is no proof of death before twenty noon, but you can't get away with it ten years later! When this remark was made, the whole audience was in an uproar. The mother and daughter of the Spring God were already nervous again. They did not know what crimes the Skyhawk had committed in recent years? If the sin is too heavy, it will be in vain to take pains for the God of Spring. Jin Fu was also shocked. How could he have thought that the huge Eagle Cliff would end up like this now? I really made a lot of mistakes in the past, and I'm afraid I can't get away with it, but I've settled down after a shock. He is ready to shoulder all the responsibilities to save the eagle. "What will happen in twenty years?" He snapped? Had it not been for your coercion, how could there have been the appearance of the Eagle Cliff? The culprits are all you! Hong Yue said coldly, "To judge a crime, we only need to see what crime the person has committed. We don't need to know how the Skyhawk Cliff is established. Now you can accuse the Skyhawk of the crime." Jiannanzhou was the first to speak: "Lu Xiangqiu, the third generation disciple of this school, was killed by Tianying Cliff when he led three of his men to congratulate Zhongnan Mountain a year ago, leaving material evidence." Muyangzi said, a disciple of Wudang was once killed by Wu Buchang in Muniu Mountain and took away a part of the secret book. Wu Buchang was a subordinate of Tianying. ” Liang Qianjiang, the head of Mount Tai, said, "Our sect has a bank in Laiyang City. On March 5 this year, all of them were looted by Tianying Cliff."! The other side still leaves insulting language to inscribe on wall head 'day eagle alone is respected, my Wu Yangwei is'! ". Almost all the major sects have accusations, saying that most of them are robbery and murder, but not rape, which shows that the eagles are all venting their hatred. These incriminating evidences made Chunshen's mother and daughter almost faint. "Oh, my God!"! How can such a felony be cleared? All three of them kept howling in their hearts. No and small knife son straight sigh, they can work hard for the former eagle, but can not get off for the present eagle. "What else do you have to say, Dong Qian?" He asked unintentionally. "Only by robbing and killing you holier-than-thou hypocrites can we do justice for Heaven. If we don't destroy you, I don't know how many people will be destroyed by you like me in the future," said the Skyhawk. He growled, "I'm doing justice for heaven-ha.." "Dad.." Su Qiao and Jun son saw her father so crazy and violent appearance, has been crying. A major blow, has affected the deviation of the eagle's thinking and behavior, the spring God wants to correct and save him, has been at a loss and too late, sadly lowered his head, can not bear to see the eagle in such a form. Chapter 27 Double Knife Accompanying Beauty Hong Guo, Hong Yue, and Hong Hui exchanged glances with each other and acquiesced. Hong Guo had already turned to Wu Xin and saluted him, saying, "Master, the Skyhawk is ferocious and vicious. His evil deeds are all over the world. We can't let him stay in the world and bring disaster." Inadvertently to this matter is expected, Wen Yan kept nodding, has decided to declare the crime of the eagle. But Jinfu roared, "Are you making a mistake?"? Convict Skyhawk? He was disabled by you long ago. How could he kill, set fire and rob? It's me He clapped his chest. "I did all the crimes!"! You should punish me, not the eagle! "You're just a slave," said Muyangzi with a sneer. "You take orders from Skyhawk. Twenty years ago, he was so evil that he couldn't get over it. Twenty years later,316l stainless steel pipe, he lost his martial arts, but he's still doing even more harm. If you let him go, how many good people will suffer?"? You don't have to exonerate him anymore. 。 lksteelpipe.com