Her heart stirred and her lips unconsciously raised a smile. Chapter 83 Bonfire Bridal Night. Zhencheng, here we are. Stepping into this black iron fortress, I felt the desolate and heroic breath blowing on my face. Youjun soldiers who died in battle were transported here by their companions and lay quietly and neatly in the middle of the fortress. On the black iron platform one after another, the seriously injured soldiers who still have spare power are fighting for their last breath and are resisting the invading demons. I don't know how many ghost corpses have been piled up under the platform. As soon as he stepped into the town, Sang yuan heard a hearty and weak laugh: "Even if I lie down, I won't live through tonight. I can still kill so many evil grandchildren. It's really profitable!"! Bah! As soon as he heard the voice, he knew that he was spitting out a mouthful of blood. Like cicadas chirping in summer, there was a burst of laughter, which immediately triggered a lot of laughter. While laughing, the seriously wounded people waved their weapons with a very weak slashing sound. Youwuming withdrew his knife with an indifferent expression. "Go and replace all the people." "Yes!" Small five immediately arranged his soldiers, a quarter of an hour later, still alive and seriously injured soldiers were all carried to the center of the fortress, small five with people, took over the platform to resist the devil. Lord! The seriously injured protested in unison, "Our internal injuries are too serious to survive a few times!"! Isn't it a waste to wait for death in vain! Let's do it! We can kill again! Lord, we really don't want to live! Don't delay any more brothers! "Well," Youwuming smiled lightly. "If anyone dies, I'll kill his whole family later, so that the whole family can be reunited in the ground." The wounded: "… …" You Wuming raised his face. "Shut up and settle down." This time, no one dared to talk any more, so he pursed his lips and reluctantly went into samadhi. Youwuming turned his head and looked far away at Sang. She pursed her lips and nodded firmly at him. After learning that there were nearly two thousand seriously wounded soldiers in the town, Sang yuan began to seize the time to save his spirit and restore his spirit. These soldiers are wearing black armor. Xuanjia can evenly distribute the damage caused by the ghost on the body to every part of the armor. There is only one reason for the fatal internal injury in the case of wearing Xuan Jia-these dense attacks, like slow stew, penetrated the body under Xuan Jia, and the internal organs and bones were broken like cotton wool. Such an injury will naturally make people extremely painful, and when they can't bear it, the seriously injured will use laughter to cover up and paralyze themselves. Since Sang stepped into the town far away, these laughter with pain did not stop for a moment. By the time the attack came out, there was no way to save the day. These soldiers have a few in mind, so they will voluntarily stay here, guarding the body of their companions, dragging a large number of demons. In fact, they are waiting for death. The more than four thousand people who followed Youwuming back were naturally well aware of the condition of the wounded, and many of them were already following in the footsteps of the seriously wounded. The two sad and stirring moods collide in one place, which makes the black iron town filled with tragedy everywhere. At this moment, under the strong command of Youwuming, the dying soldiers have been leaning on the people around them one by one, sitting askew in the center of the town, Inflatable water park factory , pretending to be in samadhi-it is impossible to be in samadhi, only breathing desperately, can struggle a little to live for a moment and a half. The rest of the people, only thought that the Lord wanted to give these brothers a happy, they spontaneously sang the unique elegy of Youzhou. I do not know where the tragic and heroic requiem first floated out, and soon, it merged into a chorus, curling around, as if it could send the soul to the sky. Some of the seriously wounded wept silently. In the midst of sadness, Sang raised his hands far away. Countless knee-high sunflowers appeared in the center of the whole town, the flower plate raised, emitting a brilliant and soft light, in an instant, the seriously injured people bathed in the sea of Lingyun. Their wounds were too serious, and as soon as the healing fog passed, it was like a dry sponge suddenly touching the moisture, and those bright spirits penetrated into the broken bodies of the soldiers and were absorbed completely, and the sunflowers withered in an instant! Sang yuan pursed his lips and gathered more spirits. Her face turned pale, her body shook, and she bit a small cut on her lower lip. The raised arms seemed to be hung with extremely heavy sandbags, and the pain oozed from the depths of the bone marrow, spasming and trembling unconsciously. Throw in the rest of the wounded! She clenched her teeth and slanted her head and said to Youwuming. At a brief glance, he saw his eyebrows tightly locked and his beautiful lips pursed into a line. Finally, he did not say anything, but according to the words swept to the platform everywhere, will those with serious injuries but keep silent, strong support to continue to fight the men one by one after the collar, thrown into the sea of flowers. Sang yuanyuan bit the tip of his tongue and did his best! More sunflowers appeared in the sea of people, withered flower discs turned into ashes and dispersed, but more flowers jumped out with small faces, golden flower discs faintly with a trace of blood, it looks no longer depressed. They seem to be laughing. Bloody Lingyun seemed to have a temperature, and when it penetrated into the bodies of the seriously injured soldiers, tears flowed down one after another on their resolute faces. Perception is mutual. Everyone can feel that these moments have cured the spirit of serious injuries in their bodies and infected the painstaking efforts of the petite woman in front of them. She has exhausted herself, burning herself to support such a huge healing spell. Someone struggled to stand up, trying to move out of the healing range of Huahai, far relieving the pressure for Sang. Youwuming had no choice but to guard the periphery and knock these restless good soldiers out one after another. The sea of flowers lasted for half an hour. The moment he stopped, Sang yuan felt the sky spinning, his body floating, and he fell back uncontrollably. Fall into that familiar embrace. See his canthus ooze blood color only, tooth root 'cluck cluck' make a sound, the voice is calm as before however take a smile: "laborious madam." In the middle of the town,Inflatable outdoor park, thousands of soldiers cried out in tears, "Thank you for saving my life, madam.". joyshineinflatables.com