When shopping in the mall, we can often see the anti -theft door in various types of shops. These are a means taken by merchants to prevent theft. The traffic in the mall is large, the types of goods are complicated, and the phenomenon of small thieves often occurs, and the difficulty of anti -theft. At this time, the help of Benefits of Touch Screen Kiosks. Let me introduce the effect of this product.

One: Anti -theft effect

In the mall, the door of most shops is installed at the door of each shop, but it is not enough to install the anti -theft door. It needs to be used with anti -theft labels to achieve anti -theft effects. Under normal circumstances, after the customer purchases the goods, the cashier will be unlocked or demagnetized by the cashier, so that the alarm will not be called when the anti -theft door. If you do not handle the product, take it out of the door, and the anti -theft door will issue an alarm to remind the staff to pay attention.

Two: Warning effect

After the shop is in Benefits of Touch Screen Kiosks, it will play a warning role invisibly. It dispels the idea of ​​some people who have a chance to steal the product and stop the thief. The stolen incident was reduced from the root, and losses caused by commodity theft were avoided.

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