Just now she wanted to use this rare holiday to get together with her best friends, but now it seems that the situation is very difficult, according to his dictatorial personality will never let her step out of the house. What do you think The burning desire in his eyes, needless to say, is very clear to Gao Xinzhu. Why didn't you wake me up? She knew that the man was always uneasy and good-hearted. I do, but you sleep like a pig, and all my desires are gone, so I have to sleep. His words were teasing, but Gao Xinzhu was frightened. Do you have a fever? She felt his forehead. I can't believe he just joked with her. It's not like him at all! He is unspeakably evil. How can he be a man who knows how to joke? She must have misheard, or maybe he was playing a game to get her around. Gao Xinzhu stared at him warily. You slept enough, didn't you? Jin Lingyu looked around and talked about it. He noticed that his happy tone just now was not like his usual tone at all, which also frightened him. Since he took over the Jin Group, he has been known for his ruthlessness and blood-eating, and has long forgotten what his nature is. I forgot how long I hadn't laughed heartily, and even made fun of a woman. But his behavior just now is from the most sincere side of the heart,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, in front of Gao Xinzhu, he can really unload all the psychological defense and talk with her. The status of this woman in his mind, far beyond his imagination, so he will not sleep in the night without her, he will hold her soft body, calm into sleep. All this is beyond his imagination,Prison toilet for sale, just like a stone plopped and disgraced to disturb his original calm heart lake, stirring up ripples one after another. She must have put a curse on him to make it hard for him to give up this feeling and her wonderful body. His confused eyes gradually become deep, meaningful looking at Gao Xinzhu's face, after a good night's sleep, her complexion is much better, ruddy like an attractive cherry, delicate and beautiful to drop. What's it to you? "I think you should sleep peacefully without my harassment." "Why ask me if you know?" The man's mind is always confusing. Now that you've had enough sleep, should you compensate me for my loss? He showed an evil smile and stared at the exquisite curve of Gao Xinzhu. Early in the morning, you don't just want to tell me. You think You want to have sex? Gao Xinzhu swallowed saliva and his body was in a stiff state. *** sooner or later, woman! He reached out and stroked her flowing hair, Concealed Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, and his voice was as low as a cup of mellow and fragrant old wine. Oh, please spare me. If you are full of energy, I suggest you find another woman. Don't disturb my mood when I am full of energy. Gao Xinzhu raised his hands to surrender, and it was hard to imagine that he would want to ravage her cruelly at this moment. You are very special. Jin Lingyu smiled sullenly. "Other women are eager for me to fall in love with their bodies, but you always push me out of the door." "Yes, you're right. Since there are so many women waiting for you, you should do me a favor and go to them to vent your desire. Don't come to me. Can you give me a day off today?" She almost begged. Once he decided that no one could change, she was afraid that she could not get out of the bedroom, her scalp had begun to tingle, and her eyes quickly fell in the direction of the door. Not good He refused without thinking, and liked to see her like a little woman at a loss. Gao Xinzhu broke down a face. If you are my mistress, you should satisfy my desire. I have been kind enough to let you go last night. You should thank me for not being fierce in the middle of the night and letting you sleep soundly. "But early in the morning." "Woman, you talk too much. I don't like it at all." If you want to refuse his advances, you can't. He is not Liu Xia Hui, one night is his limit, and then when he gets compensation, Jin Lingyu rushes at her arrogantly. He let desire dominate his actions, like a fire of passion to Gao Xinzhu, as if to burn her out and ravage all of her. Gao Xinzhu fell into his desire again and became his first delicious breakfast when he woke up. Ding-dong! Ding-dong! The urgent doorbell is like a basin of cold water to wake up Gao Xinzhu's reason. Heart building, heart building, is us.. Are you at home? Originally, she was tired and fell into Jin Lingyu's arms for a nap. But the sound of the doorbell and the call woke her up, and she quickly opened her eyes and turned white. No, it's Qiaoyi. It seems that Qiaoyi is not the only one. Maybe her four friends have come to look for her! If they found Jin Lingyu lying naked in her bed now, things would be bad. She pushed Jin Lingyu on the bed, only to see him still motionless in bed to sleep, she was exasperated to get up, "whether you heard what I said or not, I only ask you one thing, lie on the bed obediently, there is any movement downstairs, you do not go downstairs, let alone appear in front of my friends." She hurriedly finished, dressed and went downstairs to the door to open the door. As soon as she opened it, the faces of all four friends appeared in front of her. She cried to herself that something was wrong,stainless steel squatting pan, and a cold sweat broke out on her forehead. Why are you so slow to open the door? Kuang Aiyun walked around her into the room and sat down at random. Like a turtle? Ding Keyu then left. I just got up now. After all four of her friends had left the room, she closed the door with a stiff smile on her face. Go and change your clothes. Let's go out for an outing and breathe the fresh air. Xie Xinling saw that she was still dressed in pajamas and urged her to change her clothes. I I don't want to go. You can just go. They're all in pairs, and they're just a super eyesore when they go. How can this be? We came to you specially to ask you to go out with us to relax. Don't always shut yourself up at home. You should go out for a walk and sweep away all the haze these days. Maybe there will be an affair. 。 cnkexin.com