Come on, young lady, accompany me to buy lard? It's a good thing to say. "Don't kill me, young lady," said Lin Wanrong with a bitter face. You're a big shot. You can't fool around with me. Oh, how's the perfume promotion going? Hsiao Yu-juo nodded and said, "The sales promotion is very good.". By the way, we are going to Jinling Poetry Club the day after tomorrow. You can go with me and see more big scenes. Maybe it will come in handy later. Lin Wanrong understood, this is the young lady in the training of me, ah, probably want to make me into the white-collar backbone of the Xiao family plus elite, hey, a little interesting. Once in a rare moment of modesty, he said with a smile, "Since it was the young lady who gave me the order, I naturally did it.". "But I don't know where the Jinling Poetry Club is?" The young lady nodded and said to herself, "If you had this modest attitude every day, I wouldn't always show you my face." The Jinling Poetry Club is the largest reading place in Jinling, where many famous gifted scholars and talented women are gathered. If this perfume is sold among them, it will be a great success. Lin Wanrong nodded, this truth he understands, is not the star effect, the talented women of this era, is equivalent to those female stars who left the country in his previous life. If you find a beautiful and talented woman and say "washing is healthier", it will be too difficult not to be popular in Dahua. Just as she was thinking about it, she heard the young lady go on to say, "This Jinling Poetry Club has gathered the biggest connections in Jinling. There are not only Hou Yuebai, the first gifted scholar in Jinling, and Yu Wenpo,ghana seed extract, the first gifted scholar in Yangzhou, but also Miss Luo Ning, the first talented woman in Jinling, and many of her ladies. If we find an opportunity among them, then our perfume will have a firm foothold in Jinlin." The young lady seems to be in a good mood today. She changed her impatience and spared no effort to introduce him to the business. It seems that she really wants to train him to be the backbone of the Xiao family. Lin Wanrong disdained to curl his lips, said for a long time, the original Jinling Poetry Club is Luo Ning a few of them there to support the appearance ah. However, the upper route of the eldest lady was chosen very well, and it was a gathering place for some talented officials and young ladies, which should be the focus of tackling key problems. The young lady spoke for a while, and seeing that he looked relaxed and did not know how much he had heard, she had to hum to herself and wave her hand to let him go. Lin Wanrong is famous for his laziness. There is no need for him to buy lard. He is now a very high servant of the Xiao family. He was a big star in front of the ladies, and even the two managers were outshone by him. Now the price is soaring, if he does not know how to use it, he is not the so-called omnipotent Lin Sange in Xiao's house. He went to choose a little fellow. "But that day he went to brothels with the young master and got a reward of one or two pieces of silver for flattering the young master." I said three virtues- "Lin Wanrong opened his mouth.". The young fellow hurriedly folded his fists and said, tannic acid astringent ,carnosic acid price, "Third Brother, don't kill the younger one.". You are the third elder brother. How dare I use your name? From now on. I called him Si De. Day, look at this flattery, but also know taboo, or how to say that this boy has a future. It was very comfortable to plant a fox and pretend to be a tiger. He nodded and said, "I said four virtues. Go to the butcher shop and buy me four catties of lard. By the way, help me get some pure caustic soda, and then call Uncle Fu back.". Just say I have something to discuss with him. With the running errands is cool, one breath sent three things, Lin Wanrong only moved his mouth, these four virtues are done neatly. When Uncle Fu came back, he saw Lin Wanrong directing the four virtues to make a fierce fire in the stove. The white lard was rolling in the boiling water, and there was a faint fishy smell in the air. Uncle Fu, you're just in time to come back. Seeing that there is labor to join, Lin Wanrong will not be polite, regardless of your old and young, can do things. He took a large piece of fine emery cloth from the side, which had already been prepared. "Uncle Fu," he said methodically, "you are experienced. After the four virtues have cleaned up the dirt on the surface, you can filter the grease with this filter cloth and clean it again. ” "What are you going to do, Lin San?" Uncle Fu asked strangely. To say that Uncle Fu and Chang Boer really admire this Lin San, although this boy is only a dilettante in flower art and machinery, he often has some fantastic ideas that make them clap their hands. Lin Wanrong naturally won't say anything. He laughed and said, "Uncle Fu, we are old friends. Don't you believe me?" Uncle Fu snorted, "You boy, you don't have the idea of respecting the old and loving the young at all, but he still trusts Lin San very much, and he doesn't seem to be joking.". He did as he said. Lin Wanrong took his special pencil and kept writing on the paper, but they were all symbols that two people could not understand. After a long time, he dropped the pencil and shouted: "Dear chemistry teacher, I love you forever." He was so enthusiastic that he asked Uncle Fu to pour all the washed fat into the pot and boil it again. The fire was getting hotter and hotter, and the four virtues followed Lin Wanrong's instructions and kept stirring. Lin Wanrong took one third of the fat weight of caustic soda and threw it into the pot. After continuing to boil for less than half an hour, he asked Four Virtues to pour a large amount of coarse salt into the pot and stir it evenly. Anyone who has studied chemistry knows that the term for this is "salting out". About half an hour later, Uncle Fu and Four Virtues were surprised to see that in the boiling pot of lard, the surface of the water gradually floated on a layer of pale yellow ointment. Lin Wanrong heart exultation, this is the soap, Lao Tzu is really a genius ah, dear chemistry teacher, you are proud of me, I will always remember your teaching: learn mathematics, physics and chemistry, is not afraid of the world. This is actually a very simple chemical experiment in which oils are hydrolyzed to higher fatty acid salts and glycerol in the presence of alkali at high temperatures. Fatty acid salts are commonly used soaps, while glycerin, together with nitric acid, can be used to make trinitroglycerine vinegar,pumpkin seed extract, that is, nitramine explosives. Because soap is insoluble in concentrated saline and glycerin is very soluble in saline, soap and glycerin can be separated by adding salt.