“…… I know He also secretly went to see the little doll, also saw Ran Ran there, and even secretly carried her out to eat midnight snack, also secretly held her to rest. But these words, but can not say, at least in the matter has not been resolved at the moment, he can not say. The little doll is not angry with you, but when do you want to take her back? Ran bit his lower lip and suddenly asked him, "After you get married?" This sentence is to ask him and remind himself. Whether the purpose is to marry the beloved woman home, or to give Princess Rong a carefree guarantee of food and clothing, Qi Tianche really wants to get married now, but the bride is not her. Volume 52 Chapter 728: With You (10) Qi Tianzhan had already left, and He Er and He Si, who were still standing in the herbal pharmacy, gasped. Get married? Miss Qiao really thought her master was going to marry Princess Rong?! They looked longingly at their master, waiting to hear Qi Tianche explain, did not expect Qi Tianche look unchanged, deep voice answered her, "I will pick her up tonight." In the past, he was worried that Princess Rong's heart was too vicious and that there might be any danger for the baby to stay in Ruiwangfu. At that time, he deliberately made the baby angry and ran away. Now that Princess Rong has gone to the palace,titanium machining parts, naturally there will be no more such worries. Master! He Er and He Si wanted to hit the wall. If you don't explain a word, isn't that pushing Miss Joe into someone else's arms! Ran Ran nodded, "um," and asked no more questions. The two of them used to "quarrel" with each other one by one, but now neither of them opens their mouths and sits quietly. He Er and He Si looked anxious and wanted to say something to make the atmosphere lively again, but they were afraid of saying the wrong thing and making the situation worse and worse. The two of them were hesitating when Ran Ran suddenly called them, "Xiao Erer, you go and help me call Qi Tianzhan back." “…… OK He Er had no choice but to go out and call someone. After a while,Investment casting parts, Qi Tianzhan returned to the herbal pharmacy and did not follow anyone else. As Ran Ran expected, the Seventh Master did not agree to come out at all. Can I move my hand? Ran Ran pointed to his finger, which was covered with light green ointment, but now the color of the ointment had disappeared. …… Yes Qi Tianzhan also knew that he could not deceive her, so to tell the truth, "the wound is really not good." "Oh." Already psychologically prepared, Ran Ran was not too surprised, stood up and smiled at him, "then I'll go first." “……” Qi Tianzhan did not answer, controlling his eyes not to look at Qi Tianche. Ran Ran waved his hand and said goodbye to them, "Goodbye, little Mengmeng!"! Goodbye, little two, little four! Goodbye, Second Sister! With Qi Tianche said that sentence, Stainless steel foundry ,die cast light housing, mixed in a string of farewell, listening to nothing special. After saying this, she turned around and went out of the herbal pharmacy and went straight to the dry well where the Seventh Master "looked at the scenery". Before reaching the mouth of the well, Ran Ran rubbed his face to make his expression look more natural, then bent down and greeted the people inside with a smile, "Hello, Seventh Master." Volume 53 Chapter 729: Reluctant to Let Go (1) The Seventh Master, who was "watching the scenery" at the bottom of the well, smiled calmly, "Hello, Miss Qiao." "Seventh Master, what do you think of being kicked to the bottom of the well?" "I was wrong." Uh This sentence is not like the style of the seventh master, "ran ran thought, the voice is very sincere to ask him," the seventh master is wrong because he is too handsome, temperament is too good? " Seventh Master was particularly calm to hook the lips, "This matter is a foregone conclusion, can not be restored, I can only continue to be handsome." Ran Ran nodded approvingly, "the main reason is that the seventh master's face is a little thicker every day than the day before." After that, Ran Ran really began to be curious. "What did the Seventh Master mean by'wrong 'just now?" "I should have built my house underground before, so I wouldn't get lost." “…… Seventh Master, are you telling a joke? Ran Ran asked very seriously. Yeah, but it doesn't look good. Seven Ye calmly touched the mask on his face, "too handsome, only suitable for people to worship, not suitable for making people laugh.". ” Ran Ran immediately gave face to laugh out, "this sentence is more funny!" The Seventh Master glanced at her with a smile and suddenly raised his hand. Ran Ran felt that his body was pulled by a great force, and then he had no choice but to fall into the well. It is not appropriate to say "fall", because the seventh master is very polite to "handle gently", so that she can stand steadily at the bottom of the well. There was a thick layer of fallen leaves at the bottom of the well, which was soft and soft. Ran Ran jumped twice and asked him, "Seventh Master, why did you catch me down?" "Because Miss Jo doesn't look very happy." “…… "Seventh Master, don't always have such a good eye." The seventh Master smiled modestly. "My eyes are really beautiful." “……” Ran Ran was defeated and gave a thumbs-up to the seventh master. The seventh Master suddenly grabbed her hand, pulled it in front of him, and looked down at the teeth mark he had bitten out. King Rong can't make the wound grow well? “…… Uh Ran Ran wanted to pull back his hand as if nothing had happened, but the seventh master seemed careless, but once she had the movement to withdraw her hand, his hand immediately tightened and did not let her break free at all. Did Miss Qiao see King Rui just now? “…… How does the Seventh Master know? Qi Tianche just appeared alone, did not hear the announcement in advance, he should not go to the front door, went directly to the herbal pharmacy. Volume 53 Chapter 730: Reluctant to Let Go (2) The Seventh Master was in the well at that time, and by rights, he should not have known that he had appeared. But the seventh master just smiled calmly, "the seventh master is omnipotent." “……” Well, up to now, besides knowing the way,DIN screw plug, the seventh master is really omnipotent. Miss Jo. “…… Uh Because the seventh master was still holding her hand, Ran Ran felt a little uncomfortable. Why don't you want to marry a man who will be good to you all your life? “……” Seventh Master's question was so straightforward that it seemed that he suddenly changed his style of speaking, which made Ranran unable to cope with it for a while. autoparts-dx.com