Master Fu only pondered for a long time before he said lightly, "Since there is no evidence, I will believe you for the time being, but if you really find out later that you are related to Mingyu's death." Don't blame me for ignoring the kinship of flesh and blood. "Dad.." Zhou Qinshi listened and smiled at the corners of his mouth, then finally turned to look at the man in front of him and said lightly, "Fu Suili, kill for your life, I believe I don't need to say more about this, you should also understand." "The child." Fu Suili listens to him to call his name so directly, very some helpless and tolerant appearance. Child, what Suili said is not unreasonable, the Fu family is in a high place, staring at a lot of eyes, now there is no definite evidence. Random speculation.. It's not good for the family. Fu Suili listened, and the smile at the corners of his mouth deepened. Zhou Qinshi had nothing to say. He only spoke coldly. "Sir, if there's nothing else to tell me, I'll leave first." After his grandson left, Master Fu sighed helplessly, "This child, I don't know when he can call me Grandpa.." Fu Suili only slightly came forward to comfort, "Dad, don't worry, after investigating the facts clearly, completely proved my innocence, my nephew should also understand your pains." Master Fu sighed again and then waved him away. As soon as the prince of the Fu family returned, and now the board of directors had some complaints about Master Fu, Master Fu almost completely delegated power, coupled with the young master's own original social strength, sure enough, shortly after the return of the son,Steel investment casting, the Fu Group held a board meeting. The purpose of the conference is to fight for the rights of the group. This young master is so young, before he also took charge of a group company, although can not be compared with Fu, but in the industry is also some fame. Everyone thinks that this is likely to be a person who can compete with the favored son of the Fu family, but also, after all, he is also the son of Fu Dashao, and it seems normal for him to be strong. The prince obviously did not deal with the second master of the Fu family, and even thought that the second master of the Fu family had plotted to kill his father, and speculated that the last attack on the forest was also written by the second master Fu. So now so soon to hold a board meeting, these directors are not unusual, most of the people who are biased towards Fu Erye, or even prepared in advance to experience an invisible smoke of gunpowder at this meeting. Because the night before, the prince had already grasped their handle and threatened or lured them. Master Fu did not attend the meeting, but he did not interfere and did not stop it, and he also handed over almost all the shares in his hands to this Master Fu. In fact, deep draw stamping ,metal stamping parts, this already shows who Master Fu is inclined to. Many people look at the wind, many people were threatened and lured, so the final result, Fu Suili did not think he would really be seized power, from the acting CEO to the position of deputy manager. After Fu Suili walked out of the conference room, although he was seized of power, he smiled involuntarily when he thought that although the old man was partial this time, he had not personally come forward to let him hand over power. But at the thought of those defecting shareholders, his eyes were slightly cold, and then he said to the two people behind him with some interest, "My nephew, it seems that he should have done a lot of work before this, which is really not to be underestimated.". ” "I'm really curious about how my eldest brother entrusted an orphan in those years." What are the characters around my nephew. Fu Suili thought, his little nephew immediately returned to the Fu family after evading the hunt, and prepared the blood appraisal report, so it seems that he should have been in contact with the old man in advance, but the time of the report on the appraisal report was yesterday. Fu Suili remembered that his little nephew seemed to have only appeared at the last birthday dinner of the old man. In the previous two charity dinners, although the Fu family would only invite upper-class celebrities, many people would also look for opportunities to be present. However, in his impression, his nephew had never appeared. That should be the contact with the old man after the last dinner? Otherwise, if the old man had known the fact that he had a grandson, how could he not take him back to the Fu family immediately? So it seems that even without his action as a pusher, his little nephew should soon return to the Fu family. Fu Suili understood better that his little nephew's sudden action this time was not only as simple as returning to the Fu family, but more. Must be to revenge, since the eldest brother had tried his best to plan for him, then all things, his little nephew must also be clear, so now, they are facing each other? Fu Suili also knew that he should be ready to confront him like this, and now he was not only curious about his eldest brother's arrangement, but also more interested in how much his little nephew had mastered that was not good for him. Thinking of this, Fu Suili asked again, "He Hui, how is the investigation of my little nephew going?" "It's a little deeper than before, but it will take time to be more detailed." "Well, let them step up. I'm really curious now." On the evening after the board meeting, Zhou Qinshi stood in front of the French window in the new office on the 65th floor of Fu's Building. He raised his hand and pressed his eyebrow bone. Holding his mobile phone in his hand, his finger stopped on the name of the address book in order. Just as he was about to touch the screen to dial, Yang Ze pushed the door and came in, and then reminded him, "Zhou.." General Manger Fu, Liu Dong is here. Will he be invited in now? Zhou Qinshi's finger paused before leaving the number on the screen, and then answered, "Well." Since the last record, Chen played on the Internet as an anonymous witness, this nearly a month, she has not seen Zhou Qinshi. However, she did not want to pay attention to his news,die casting parts, because Ye Miao would always be very excited to gossip with her, and Chen would pay attention to it involuntarily. Only then did she know that he had successfully reached the top and become the new president of Fu's Group. Presumably soon afterwards, the Fu family will hold another upper-class dinner to announce the new heir of the Fu family.