Ye Xiu's guess is not wrong at all. These three people are the professional players of Jiashi. The magic swordsman is Liu Hao, and the element master is He Ming. Both of them control the professions they are good at, and have 20 levels of suppression. There are also Wang Ze's sharpshooters who are also professional players. For Ye Xiu, they have no pressure at all. But just as Ye Xiu is very familiar with them, they are also no strangers to Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng. They did not take the gunner seriously, especially when they first dropped the bayonet projectiles and grenades, which were simply thrown around without thinking. But after that, the satellite ray came so unexpectedly that it directly blasted Wang Ze's sharpshooter into the abyss. If this could be a coincidence, then came the hot missile, the accurate grasp of the situation also let three people feel that the gunner can not be a blind cat in the dead mouse. Who else can be the gunner who can play such a wonderful match with Ye Qiu besides Su Mucheng? Chapter 0424 the mysterious haze. Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng, the strongest pair of partners in Glory, are undoubtedly the model of 1 plus 1 being far greater than 2. Although 3 to 2 has the advantage of the number of people, although the face of Jun Moxiao has 20 levels of suppression, but in the moment of discovering that the gunner is Su Mucheng, three people have an idea in their hearts: we are wrong. Especially at this time, Wang Ze's sharpshooter has been bombarded by satellite rays, and then the six small rays of light also severely limited the role of Liu Hao and He Ming, and then a well-timed thermal missile, so that they completely gave up the idea of continuing to fight. This pair of ace partners,gold cil machine, they are no match. Although the heart is uncomfortable, but should admit after all still have to admit, otherwise is stupefied to rush up to die. So Wang Ze's role was hung up, and Liu Hao and He Ming also made a prompt decision to withdraw. Su Mu Orange!! Liu Hao mercilessly punched the table, this moment, his hatred of Su Mu orange even more than Ye Qiu. Wang Ze and He Ming on one side also looked at each other. At this time, three people are together,chrome washing machine, but it is convenient to communicate. He Ming opened his mouth just to say something, suddenly heard someone humming a song approaching, three people are stunned, and then saw the beautiful figure of Su Mu orange floating past the window in front of the three table. Three people live in wood. After a while, Liu Hao asked in a trance: "Who was that just now?" "It seems to be." Su Mu Orange? He Ming's tone is also very trance. Three people, a lieutenant, a main force, Wang Ze is a substitute, the lowest status, at this time got up and ran to the window, looking out a head, see is the back of Su Mu orange, long hair fluttering so far away. It's Su Mu orange. After Wang Ze's head shrank back, his tone was finally no longer in a trance. Why is she here? Liu Hao's appearance is to become more trance. Su Mu orange is clearly manipulating the role of the game in the glory, small gold wash plant ,Carbon in Pulp, how can suddenly appear outside their window? Does she still know the shadow of a ninja? The answer, of course, is very simple, but Liu Hao really does not want to believe it. Just now, he said with certainty that the gunner in the game must be Su Mucheng. The next second, Su Mucheng floated past his window. It was no different from stepping on his face. The guy was still humming a song. Was he happy? Liu Hao's anger in his heart! "That's not Su Mucheng, so who is she?" He Ming is more practical. They couldn't figure out the problem. Not Su Mu orange, but can play such a wonderful match with Ye Xiu, is it difficult, they all guessed wrong, that is really a blind cat touched a dead mouse? But such a precise operation, Meng also Meng too in place, but also two times in succession, instantly hit them without the power to fight back. "Chasing the haze." Wang Ze said the ID of the character beside him. Is that the man's name? Liu Hao's eyes are really only staring at Jun Mo Xiao, for other miscellaneous people are turning a blind eye. Does the name sound familiar? He Ming is thinking. There was a very popular video some time ago. Wang Ze said. He Ming suddenly remembered: "The video of the gunner's seckill is this role, isn't it?" "What thing?" Liu Hao this period of time to the team is really attentive, completely did not pay attention to these online games circle gossip. He Ming clicked on the web page, quickly searched out the video, followed by the play, three people came up to watch. Successive operations at one go, precise, in place, absolute master style. But it's hard to measure exactly how strong he is, because her opponent didn't show his weight well at all. Apart from letting people see a little of his abacus at the beginning, after the first hit, he didn't even have a chance to struggle. At least the level is not professional. He Ming commented on the swordsman. Nonsense Liu Hao said somewhat grumpily. There is obviously a chance to save in the middle, but this swordsman can't do it. Such a level, of course, is far from professional. Who can't see it? It goes without saying. However, the strength of this gunnery division from this short series of attacks is also quite good. He Ming said. Is this video very popular? Liu Hao asked. He Ming also wanted to say "nonsense", but after all, this is the vice-captain's adult, or did not dare, but the mouse clicked twice on the number of clicks on the video: "Click very high." "Has this man been in contact with the club?" Liu Hao wondered. It's not clear. He Ming said. Wang Ze stands aside, these two people talk, he is always embarrassed to go to the socket. It's just an obvious detail in the video, and the two men seem to be unaware of it. Finally, at the end of his patience, he said, "Look at the guild chasing the haze." "The guild?" He Ming was confused for a moment, the video video back a pull, set a picture of the haze, a look at the top of the title,gold heap leaching, the guild is impressively Jia Dynasty. Liu Hao and He Ming were stunned at once. Jia Dynasty's.. Is it the trumpet of Su Mu Orange? He Ming guessed. The person who operated just now could not be Su Mucheng. Liu Hao said. In the game just finished, immediately appeared in his window, absolutely absolutely impossible thing this is.