"Yes." Xiao Xiao's voice is warm and soft, just like spring water. Good job! Qin Huanhuan patted Xiao Xiao on the shoulder with satisfaction, then pulled him to sit down in the only empty seat beside him and said: "Sit down quickly, or there will be no seat later." Xiao Xiao Wen Yan smiled, this shop is really popular, if you come late, you have to wait for a long time to have a vacant seat, if not today she said she wanted to eat this sliced noodles, he usually would not come here. After all, a person sitting here to eat can only share a table with others, which is really awkward. It's just. Even the two of them could not escape the fate of sharing the table. Monitor, may I sit here? I do not know when, Yao Yinyin came over again, pointing to the vacancy next to Xiao Xiao, like a polite way to ask. Xiao Xiao glanced at the vacant seat beside him, a little embarrassed. In fact, his heart does not want to let this little contact with the girl sitting next to him, but now there is no place to sit in the shop, he did not let her sit a bit overbearing. 645. No Chapter 645 The Rogue Wife of an Introverted Scholar 23. "There's a seat here. Why do you have to sit with Xiao Xiao?" Qin Huanhuan casually broke the chopsticks open and knocked on the position next to her. She and Xiao Xiao obviously have a vacant seat beside, Yao Yinyin still must sit next to Xiao Xiao, really regard her as a vegetarian? Hearing Qin Huanhuan's words, Yao Yinyin's face turned red in an instant. She lowered her head and said hesitantly, "No, no." No, I just.. She hesitated and hesitated, her voice trembled slightly,S Adenosyl Methionine, and there was some grievance in her shyness. Just what? Qin Huanhuan does not eat her this set, directly waits for her following words. Xiao Xiao, on the other hand, has never been in contact with a girl (of course, Qin Huanhuan is not included). For the word "pity", it is completely out of touch with him. He will not speak out to help. What's more, he also felt that what Qin Huanhuan said was quite right, obviously Qin Huanhuan had a place beside this girl, why did she have to sit with him? It has to be said that Xiao Xiao, who is not in love at this time, does not care about the secret love in the world at all. It's just sitting in a seat. Is it so difficult for others? Seeing that the lovely Yao Yinyin was made difficult, he and Qin Huanhuan took pity on the boy who was sitting with his back to him and said with injustice. Can you give up your seat? Qin Huanhuan said so directly, no, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, what are you still blind here. The man was choked by Qin Huanhuan, his face slightly embarrassed, hurriedly lowered his head and tried to narrow his sense of existence to eat his noodles. He doesn't have the leisure to give up his seat to others when class is about to begin! When Yao Yinyin saw this, she was even more embarrassed. She lowered her head and crossed her hands. She looked like a student who had been punished. Are you still sitting? Qin Huanhuan looked at Yao Yinyin and said impatiently. Yao Yinyin silently nodded, and then went to the inside position from the way Qin Huanhuan got out of the way. [Beep-The man's favorability to the woman is minus 20, and the favorability is minus 20.] The system tone suddenly sounded. Poof. Qin Huanhuan almost laughed out loud, Xiao Xiao is also too to force it, a reduction of 20% of the good feeling. But at this time Xiao Xiao, in the heart is actually discontented to Yao Yinyin. Qin Huanhuan said to let her in, she did not come in and stand there, not deliberately let others misunderstand Qin Huanhuan? Thinking so, Xiao Xiao opened his mouth and said: "Huanhuan is like that. She doesn't mean anything else." …… After Xiao Xiao said this, Yao Yinyin was even more embarrassed. What do you mean, she says what she wants? Does it mean that what Qin Huanhuan said is right? Does it mean that she has bad intentions and wants to sit with boys with a shy face? Yao Yinyin's eyes flashed a touch of anger under her bangs, but she did not answer. Seeing this, Xiao Xiao frowned and did not speak again. After a while, the meal ordered by Qin Huanhuan and Xiao Xiao came up. Qin Huanhuan looked at the tomato juice and chili sauce mixed together, that kind of red has been covered with sliced noodles, very satisfied to smell the taste of noodles, satisfied to say: "Look delicious!" Then she picked up the sliced noodles in her bowl and ate them directly. Xiao Xiao sees her to eat contentedly, the face is also red, and Yao Yinyin affectation appearance one contrast, more feel Qin Huanhuan is Frank and lovely. Xiao Xiao seems to have been infected with this emotion by her, at this time looking at the face in front of him, he actually felt very hungry, then also picked up chopsticks and ate. 646. No Chapter 646 The Rogue Wife of an Introverted Scholar 24 "Is yours delicious." Qin Huanhuan ate her noodles for a while, then suddenly stopped his chopsticks, looked at the fried noodles on Xiao Xiao's plate, and asked with his chopsticks in his mouth. When Xiao Xiao heard this, he looked up doubtfully at Qin Huanhuan and saw that her eyes were going to grow on his plate, and immediately he was a little funny. You taste it. Xiao Xiao pushed his plate to Qin Huanhuan. Qin Huanhuan's eyes instantly put on a smile, she was not polite at all, directly picked up a chopstick fried noodles. Delicious. Xiao Xiao's noodles did not put pepper, more is the sour taste of tomatoes and the taste of green vegetables, Qin Huanhuan ate too much spicy noodles after eating this is a flavor, eyes suddenly sparkling. [Beep-+ 10 for favorability, 50% for task completion.] Xiao Xiao looked at Qin Huanhuan, who was completely different from her usual tough appearance. Her heart was soft. She looked at her greedy little appearance and said, "Eat a little more if it's delicious." Qin Huanhuan stuck out his tongue, then picked up several chopsticks and said, "I've finished eating!" Then she pushed her face in front of Xiao Xiao, "Do you want to taste mine?"? Very strong! "" Xiao Xiao looked at her noodles full of chili oil and shook his head hurriedly. He really couldn't eat spicy food. One side of Yao Yinyin looked at the two intimate interaction,Glucono Delta Lactone, a silver teeth are about to bite. Usually the monitor likes to ignore everyone, but I didn't expect that he would be so good to this hoodlum! She liked the monitor for so long, but she was beaten by such a woman. How could she swallow this tone? ……。 pioneer-biotech.com