When do I need to create an app?
If you have ever encountered website development, you should understand what users need. Most often they come because of the content or functionality of the resource: visitors want to buy something, comment or find out. In the case of mobile apps, everything is the same – customers are looking for information or making purchases.
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If you have experience in website development, then you should understand when it is done with your own hands. This is usually due to a lack of money for professional specialists. In such cases, entrepreneurs are trying to understand systems such as WordPress, Joomla and others. In a good scenario, this results in good resources that were made without the involvement of specialists. With applications for mobile devices, everything is the same – you can spend a lot of money on professional specialists or do everything yourself. In the first case, of course, the best result will come out, but for novice businessmen there is nothing better than saving money.
Here are some more cases when self-development of an application would be appropriate:
If customers need a simple program for smartphones and tablets. In this case, the conversion of the site into an application is suitable – you can do it with your own hands, without the involvement of specialists.
If an application based on a template is suitable for your target audience, then go ahead.
If your business is fully functioning offline and does not require an application connection yet. In this case, a large field for experiments is open for you – you can try to create your own application with any functionality, the poor performance of which will not affect your business in any way.
Even professional developers are not always fast. Not only will it take a lot of time to develop, but you will always be completely dependent on them. If anything happens, an additional fee is always needed for this. When working with the constructor, you can fix everything yourself or contact technical support.
Perhaps you will find your own reason why you want to create an application. If there is one, then let's move on – let's talk about what you need to know in order to develop it.
What do I need to know before developing an application?
Before proceeding to the development of your own mobile application, you need to understand at least the basic theory. A functional application is not just a window with buttons. It's a whole machine in which everything is interconnected.
What is a mobile application?
This is a program that works on tablets, smartphones and smartwatches. With its help, the user of the device satisfies all kinds of needs that a mobile device can solve. Each application consists of two parts – front- and back-end. The first one is responsible for what the user sees, for example, an application form or a picture on the main page. The second is the server part, where the main engine of the program functions.
Apps are usually downloaded through stores such as Google Play and the App Store. Sometimes users download programs via the Internet, but this feature is available only on Android devices.
If you plan to run the application through the constructor, then pay attention to two things. First, the service must provide application hosting. The second is that the service should provide the ability to place the application on all popular sites.