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Alien Abduction Experience of a Montauk Survivor and Alien Human Hybrid

My name is Talop and I am a Vampire Ashram elder who can attest to the fact that I am an alien-human hybrid who has been hybridized and programmed in the infamous Montauk underground in Long Island, New York for use by the rogue reptilian Satanic empire which includes the Illuminati as well as Freemasonic and Luciferian forces.

I can start the telling of this story in April of 1971 when I was born in Lenox Hill hospital in Manhattan, or can I? Conception is far more important than physical birth despite the impacts of birth trauma on human development, and I know that I was quite literally conceived out on Montauk, Long Island because my biological father told me so. Although he never knew how. It is not like I was planned, anyway. Yet he never forgot the night of my conception or how magical he remembered it to be.

While my conception may have been magical my delivery was not, as my biological father also told me that during my birth, my biological mother was unable to push me out and the doctors were unable to pull me out with forceps. So they just left me to push myself out, or die. It took me 2 hours, but I basically delivered myself which gave me a certain strength, I suppose. No doubt this strength has served me well over the course of what has been a very difficult life. Surely millions have had it harder than I, but that doesn’t make my existence any less difficult, nor make me feel any better about it.

The longer a being such as myself exists in a world such as this, the harder their experience gets. This is because what one is, is not meant to be in this world, and the longer one endures here, the more one’s real nature begins to gnaw away at oneself, due to it’s inability to express itself in this world. Sure, you can attempt to bring forth and integrate your "real nature," out of sheer ignorance of what it actually is, by pursuing Reichian breathwork, kundalini yoga, etc., but if these pursuits are continued relentlessly, you will come to learn that much of your "armor" and most of your"blockages” are not the results of social conditioning that can be dropped, or psychodynamic conflicts that can be resolved, but are in fact alien implants and other safety/control mechanisms that were installed by the Greys as part of your hybridization.

Should you succeed in defeating or surmounting any of these obstacles, you will find that this"real you” that you strove to bring forth from the muck and the mire that is your humanity, has no place in this world and thus you have no place in this world. This is the fundamental basis of your angst. Believe me, if you are a hybrid such as I, then the"real you” is something that is both dark and beyond your imagination. Awakening it will not allow your"human” life to"flow” and your human needs to be met because you are not fully human and your needs are in conflict with your humanity. This is what a hybrid ultimately is – the fusion of DNA from species that are in direct opposition to each other in the natural order of the multiverse. We are not talking about crossing a dog with a wolf here, nor a lion with a tiger. We are talking something more in line with crossing a snake with a mongoose!

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