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Looking in the charms I am not entirely sure you could make 69 without becoming more charms. With RuneScape gold golds using barker toads you'd need 1840 gold charms for 160k xp, greens it is 1620 using Ibis, Crimsons it's 569 with stranger plants and blues you are likely going to want to save but it's 343 with kyatt's or graahks.

Up front, that's about 1.5m for toads, 4.7m for ibis, 2.5m for stranger plants and 3.4m for Graahks (4.4m for Kyatt). A mixture would be someplace in between. If you are lucky you'll make back about half that through selling the pouches. The exception being the blue pouches which could make your cash, but you'd have to obtain a productive supply of gloomy charms.

Personally, I believe you'll be hard pressed to spend less than 1m and more probable you will at least be spending 1.5-2m on the next 3 levels. Summoning is among these bite your knuckles and do not think too much about prices. It'll be worth it to get those levels, Yip, Tort and Bat are all useful familiars, but that I simply don't know of any super cheap method that doesn't take a ridiculous amount of prep time. Abyssal Lurkers (Which require farming abyssal monsters to abyssal charms) and Graahks/Kyatt's being the only profitable/sellable familiars I know of below 66.

I am not looking for the most exp pouches, I am looking for pouches that will sell back, to help decrease my loss; I only have 2 mill in my bank, but desire 69 summoning, and I DO plan on using as much charms as necessary, even when I must.I understand most of these: Agility- Do the Barbarian class until level 52, then do the wilderness program. Food should be ~three agility level boosting pies with a few tuna. Simply attract a spotted/spottier cape. Thieving- I think the thieve's guild is what is great, but I don't have 70 thieving either, so I am not sure.

Slayer- Do Smoking Kills quest when you have not already. Use either your highest or next highest levelled slayer master you can, but always the best every five tasks for more slayer points. Farming- Do farming runs about once an hour, but try to get in at least a day, even if you only can get on for buy runescape 3 gold a quarter hour.

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