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You will get 3011 prayer xp if you bury all the bones. You have a 350k trade limit so far. The rest of RuneScape gold the questions are kinda pointless. Do I have a 350K limitation or does everyone have? Is it the new people? Are monks actually that great? Do they give decent xp? Monks give u infinite health (they heal you),but really should not be training on them following 30ish. Thank you... but do you mind answering another questions? I put alot of time into them... I wish somebody could answer them. They are actually quite dumb questions and they don't even benefit you or reply anything related.

Back in Barrows, while items on average might be 700k/piece or some thing, you're also raking in a fair bit of money from runes. My last barrows streak, I received about 6M value in barrows gear. I then looked in my runes, and these were a few 2.5M. So you are constantly making gain, whereas with Glacors it is extremely easy to lose money until you get a boot fall or enough shards for an Armadyl Battlestaff.

Your choice, I personally like Barrows because it's easier. Other gold? Really, Barrows is the sole semi-rewarding, non-mind-numbing activity that provides a fairly certain income. I recommend that over most other stuff. Otherwise I would work towards quests as far as you can.

Only made the account, took so long since I had been helping a buddy and created about 5m from it. I will try and transfer the money via drop trading, but I am not sure if it's going to let me. Because I do not have any irl friends that play, I will take my chances with someone online to assist me xfer the money. 1st I'll do pray and a few small quests. I plan on using big bones as they aren't terribly expensive and relatively fast xp. If anybody has a better choice, I would love to understand.

Sorry for making an entire new thread but it gave me an error every time I tried to post in the previous one! For starters, I had been requested in the last thread how I got it. I made a new account, and if logging there was a pop for this. Initially whenever I clicked the entire client would close down, but once I tried it the following day it worked right away and OSRS buy gold gave me.

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