I know the same thing happened to me, so keep that in mind when buying American sexdolls. If you skip the research process and choose an American sex doll at random, then no one can guarantee your personal happiness. In fact, you'll probably be more frustrated than ever.

There doesn't seem to be any real chemistry - sexual or otherwise - with any of the other characters on the show, including her ex-boyfriend. But in episode six - wow. I just want to say that someone's scenes gave me an emotion that doesn't fit the description of this publication.

For example, in his book, "Love and Robot Behavior," David Levy estimates that by 2050, marriage robots will be normalized." But for petite, child-like body types, there may be some sort of emotional slim sex doll." Even in the U.S., he said, there are no legal issues with these dolls, but he added, "I think there are a lot of ways to address this." This problem."

In many cases, it develops into sex because they already think the slim sex doll looks to their liking anyway, so if it looks good and has a very good personality, then people will inevitably form very strong emotional connections with their slim sex doll in many cases can lead to sexual behavior.