Ice Maker Machine Split type ice cube maker Item NoDescriptionUnit Size (mm)Daily CapacityIce TrayIce Storage ICES13088kgs ice cube maker machine570x830x1630130Kg/24H11x12110Kg ICES150100kgs ice cube maker machine570x830x1630150Kg/24H12x13110Kg ICES200120kgs ice cube maker machine570x830x1630200Kg/24H13x14110Kg ICES250250kgs ice cube maker machine770x860x1735250Kg/24H15x18150Kg ICES400400kgs ice cube maker machine770x860x1735400Kg/24H17x20150Kg ICES550550kgs ice cube maker machine800x870x1735550Kg/24H15x18x2180Kg Specifications: 1. Continuous fast making ice, the process of automatic control; 2. The ice machine structrue is compact, which covers an small place , and it can be placed above the ice box ; 3. Photoelectric light automatically measure the ice storage capacity, it will stop making once the storage box is full ; Main Features: 1) Imported famous compressor Danfoss,Accurate refrigeration. 2) High quality 304 stainless steel and ABS plastic,attractive appearance,stable,practical. 3) Digital temperature controller ensure better temperature control and saving energy 4) Fully spread air flow, better refrigeration effect no pollution 5) front air filtering device, easy to clean and extend machine life 6) Ice production of flowing water type ice maker is 10% more than similar machines 7) vertical evaporator to reduce energy consumption, cooling speed increase with large heart transfer area, very suitable fast food, restaurant, coffee shop, beverage shops and other place.Ice Maker Machine website: