cheap Copper Core PCB 鈼?Product Introduction: LED Copper Core PCB is the most expensive kind of metal core pcb, and its thermal conductivity is many times better than that of aluminum core and iron core. It is suitable for high-frequency circuits and areas with large changes in high and low temperatures, as well as heat dissipation and architectural decoration industries for precision communication equipment. 鈼?Product Specification锛?/strong> Material:CopperSolder Mask:White TCE2.0w/(m*k)Min Trace Width/Spacing:8/8mil鈫?/p> Layers:1-layerMin Hole Size:0.3mm鈫?/p> Size:45*45mm/55 x 55mmMinimum Solder Mask Dam:0.4mm鈫?/p> Different Design in Panel:1Half Hole:No Quality LevelIPCIISurface Finish:OSP Board Thickness:1.6mmFinished Copper:1oz Silkscreen:BlackTest Type:AOI+Fully test 鈼?Product Features: 1) High current and voltage carrying capacity 2) The heat dissipation is better than other metal core pcb 鈼?Product Application: LED Copper Core PCB always be used in used in Inverter, solid state relay, rectifier, pulse motor driver, high frequency amplifier, filter circuit, transmission circuit,etc. 鈼?Product Details: 鈼?Deliver 7-8 working days include shipping time 鈼?Safeguards Ordinance cheap Copper Core PCB website: