Can I use my United Miles to Purchase a Ticket for Someone Else

Yes, you can use miles to purchase the flight for someone else, but if you have sufficient miles in your accounts. While booking other people, you may have to contain all information about them. And the mods that you can conduct the process on your own are online, and the guide for using this is available at the bottom.

  • Head to the authenticated website of United Airlines
  • And then click on the sign-in and enter your credentials.
  • After that, click on the book icon and choose advanced search options.
  • Now, you can enter the flight details and choose the miles options.
  • Further, you get to choose a flight with the class of travel.
  • Afterward, you enter every passenger's details and click on the next options.
  • Now complete the payment by using miles and click on finish options.
  • Then you can receive an approval message in your registered email and phone number.

Is it legal to buy Plane Ticket for Someone Else

Yes, it is legal to buy a plane ticket for someone else. Once the ticket has been issued, then you may not be used by another passenger, nor could you be able to make changes to the original name. Thus, buying a ticket on an airline is legal, but transferring that to another is considered illegal. This is to stop the forgery of tickets that the travel agents could conduct. If you have any confusion or issues, establish contact with the airline customer service team for solutions.

Info needed to book a flight for Someone else

When you have to make a reservation for someone else, you must contain certain information to make it a success. And the details that might be required for a booking have been stated at the bottom.

Personal Details

Preliminary information about the other passenger should be their personal information such as name, date of birth, age, phone number, or email. If this information is inaccurate, you may not be able to make changes, or you may have to pay the penalty.

Identity Proof

A person must carry a government-authorized identification card which could be a passport with the VISA because the personal details should comply with that proof. Or else the number required for traveling and when it doesn't match the document with any of them, you may not be allowed to travel.

Payment Information

In the final, you could be required to make the payment to book Flight Ticket for someone else on United Airlines. You can use any of the available sources of a medium, or you can use miles to pay the cost of a flight ticket. And when you get into trouble, approach the airline and acquire resolutions.