The most popular brand of printer in the world is Canon. There are wifi and laser Canon printers available. Canon offers a driver or software for wireless connections. One may effortlessly link the Canon printer with the devices by using the software. The Canon printer's ability to fit in any room or office space is one of its strongest features. Additionally, the Canon printer is small in size. In the information that follows, Canon printers will be covered in detail. Read on to learn more about Canon.

Steps for setup a Canon IJ Start printer include:

The user needs to take certain steps before setting up the Canon printer via https / The following are some considerations or important items to bear in mind while setting up an Ij Start Cannon printer:

  • The printer must first be opened up.
  • then read the printer's manual that came with it.
  • One must adhere to the guidelines provided.
  • A quick internet connection is required.
  • The printer needs to be kept in a secure location.
  • The power switch point thus needs to be close to the printer.
  • The printer-connected device has to be updated with the most recent version.
  • One must be aware of the model and version of their Ij Start Canon printer.
  • Before connecting the printer to any device, all tapes need to be removed.
  • Before printing can start, you must first open the tray and place the pages inside.
  • The cartridges must be put into the printer before it can be used.
  • Additionally, the device's wifi connectivity needs to be verified.

Download and install the Canon wireless printer driver

  • any web browser, then type into the address bar.
  • then type the model number into the website's search field and hit enter.
  • Choose your printer from the list provided by scrolling down.
  • Again, scroll down and select an applicable choice before selecting the download button.
  • The driver download procedure will begin automatically.
  • After the download is complete, find the file in your Windows device's Downloads folder and launch the installer.
  • The automatic extractor will now start working, and a window for setting up a wireless Canon printer will show up. To begin the installation of wireless technology, click next.
  • the license agreement, and then select yes. Next, choose network connection from the list of options rather than USB connection, and then click.
  • Your Canon device will be looked up by the application. Select your printer from a list that will then appear by clicking the Next button.
  • To install the drivers fully, tick every checkbox available in the following step, then click the next button.
  • Choose the driver you wish to install right now. Since they are more prevalent, you should often choose the driver whose name displays first and click the Next option.
  • Click next after you have verified your printer's name. Click next after selecting The United States as your region.
  • The installation will now start when you click the start button. Within a few minutes, the installation process will start and the software installed.
  • This is all about how to set up a wireless Canon printer.

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