The global price comparison websites market size was expected to be valued at USD 2,948.7 million in 2021 market and growing at a CAGR of 4.4% over the forecast period by 2028.Price comparison websites are a type of vertical search engine that many internet customers utilise. Using the filters used mostly by shoppers, these websites display pricing comparisons, feature reviews, and other factors. These sites are also referred to as a comparison-shopping website, a price analysis tool, a shopbot, or a comparison-shopping engine. The rising e-commerce business in all areas is a major driver driving market expansion. Many online shops use these websites to provide price comparison services to their clients. Furthermore, rising utilisation of this industrial vertical leads to increased e-commerce revenue.

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The global price comparison websites market is predicted to develop because of the many benefits offered by price comparison websites to consumers and suppliers, such as convenience for customers and new prospective customers for suppliers to tap into. Furthermore, these websites can help consumers find better discounts on any product by comparing it to others, making it easier for them to make decisions and save money, which is expected to drive the global price comparison websites market. Furthermore, getting the cheapest pricing can be a time-consuming effort that entails chores such as calling customer service with questions and trying to locate the correct information to compare products, both of which take time. Price comparison websites may gather all data in one location, allowing consumers to readily compare products before making a purchase. This is a primary aspect that is expected to propel the global price comparison websites market forward. Additionally, price comparison websites provide you with a variety of options when purchasing a product, which is predicted to fuel the worldwide price comparison websites market's rise. Other advantages of price comparison websites include no network traffic when shopping and a vast selection of products to choose from.



The global price comparison websites market segmentation:

1) By Components: Reliable Web Hosting Service, Content Management System, SEO Basics, Analytics Tools, Inventory Management Others.

2) By Application: BFSI, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Household Appliances, Digital Services, Others.

In the global price comparison websites market, the Asia Pacific market is expected to account for a larger revenue share. A key factor projected to fuel growth of the price comparison websites market in Asia Pacific is the widespread use and pervasiveness of price comparison websites in various nations, particularly China and India. Due to well-established enterprises in this area, particularly in the United States, the North America market is likely to follow the Asia Pacific market in share in terms of revenue and to exhibit considerable growth in the coming years.

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Some of the major key players in the Price Comparison Websites Market are Zoopla Property Group (uSwitch), Admiral Group Plc (, com Group Plc, Coupons, BizRate, ShopAtHome, SlickDeals, NexTag, Woo

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