SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for the website holder. Websites are optimized and maintained to improve the SEO ranking. Because the higher you rank, the more you generate traffic.

Though SEO or search engine has evolved in themselves and algorithms keep changing, everyone in the online business needs to stay updated about it.

On the other side, digital marketing is an essential part of business growth and expansion. We as a social media agency in delhi believe there is no business growth without marketing, it ignites and boosts the business. In this virtual world, social media channels have given a platform for businesses to grow, network, and market themselves effectively.

Social media helps you connect with your audience closely, and as social media has become part of everyday life, it’s easier to provoke the prospect to buy products and stay updated about their businesses.

But, today technology has become more advanced, and such are AI and Machine Learning. Let’s look into how AI and Machine Learning are transforming both these things, SEO and social media.


AI has helped SEO go beyond keywords!

Keywords play a pivotal role in reaching the desired audience in mass and also help in SEO ranking. However, AI has changed this and helped search engines to become more relevant to users, AI has advanced the power to understand the intent of the search done by users.

Now, you must have observed that you can see some part of the content is highlighted in blue, which is used as a meta description on the result page. Basically, this meta description makes users feel like a relevant solution or answer to their query, thus they dive into a website to read more about it.

Search engine highlighting that part helps the user to find it easily and save time. Hence, now SEO is shifting focus toward intent than keywords. However, keywords are still relevant and effective.

Voice search will dominate the internet soon!

Alexa and Siri are examples of AI voice-assistant. But, today ‘Apple’ has emerged as a brand and it has become an emotion. Even the largest search engine – Google has voice assistance that helps many get rid of typing and directly search through speech.

Google is highly promoting its voice search and how it can be used in multiple languages. Earlier, the voice assistant was limited to a single language – English. Now, it can function in multiple languages, where the voice assistant understands and speaks different languages.

This has created a challenge for website optimization, where you need to optimize the website for voice search as well. Here the keywords are more in interrogative way. This becomes challenging for the website holders.

Every step on the internet is tracked, we call it data and analytics!

Today, data is the gem of the internet. Without data, no great brands can experience sustainable growth. In this online world, anyone can collect and extract potential data of raw data through analytics.

Using different tools such as Google Analytics, anyone can track their website by linking and collecting data. This data will help you in an elevated way. Using data smartly can help you grow your business and reach a wider audience. Thanks to AI!


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