wholesale Spirit Glass Bottle UsageVodka/Whisky/Tequila//Mezcal/Gin/Rum Capacity100ml/200ml/375ml/500ml/700ml/750ml/1000ml/1500ml MaterialSuper flint glass Surface HandlingEmbossed, Decal, Painting, Frosted, Hot stamping, Electroplating MOQ12000pcs ColorClear or customized color Cap typeScrew cap,Cork cap,Guala cap ServiceOEM .ODM PackingPallet/Carton+Pallet/Carton Description We made many glass bottle samples with this deep process ,you can choose the color you need ,some sepcial color we accept customzied or do color according to glass bottle sample clients give. The electroplating process is a method of coating a conductor with a layer of metal using the principle of electrolysis on the glass botte. Electroplating color refers to a surface processing method in which the base metal to be plated is used as the cathode in a salt solution containing pre-plated metal, and the cations of the pre-plated metal in the plating solution are deposited on the surface of the base metal through electrolysis to form a coating. The color will make your glass bottle stand out The properties of the coating are different from those of the base metal and have new characteristics. According to the function of the coating, it is divided into protective coating, decorative coating and other functional coating. During electroplating, the plated metal or other insoluble material is used as the anode, the workpiece to be plated is used as the cathode, and the cations of the plated metal are reduced on the surface of the workpiece to be plated to form a plated layer. It can enhance the corrosion resistance of metal (the coating metal is mostly corrosion-resistant metal), increase hardness, prevent wear, improve conductivity, smoothness, heat resistance and surface beauty. We offer an abundant of deep decorations and multi surface handling for elegant fancy brandy glass bottle wholesale. You can enjoy one stop service, such as printing logo on frosted glass bottles, spraying colors on the clear surface, and UV electroplating glossy and shiny colors to improve the market grade.wholesale Spirit Glass Bottle website:http://www.spiritglassbottle.com/spirit-glass-bottle/