Use any of your mobile devices to call the verified Etihad Airways phone number at 1 (877) 690-0767 (less waiting time).

  • By pressing the corresponding numbers on your dial pad, select the language from the options provided.
  • After selecting your preferred language, an IVR will guide you to the Etihad Airways call menu.
  • These are the easiest steps for "How Do I Speak To Someone at Etihad Airways?"
  • If you want to make a new airline reservation, click 1.
  • Click 2 to learn more about your current flight, including the terminal information and flight status.
  • If you need to update anything about your flight or request a seat upgrade, click 3.
  • If a traveler wants to make a cancellation or refund request, they should click 4.
  • To reach the airline's customer care department directly, press #.
  • IVR voice commands should be attentively listened to before pressing the appropriate button for your concern or issue.

Hold the line open after dialing the number for a short while until you are connected to the airline's customer care.